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Superior Spider-Man Vol.5 - The Superior Venom
Flash Thompson, Secret Avenger known as Venom, is back in town - but his first encounter with the Supreme Spider-Man to be friends, or flash to sense the presence of dangerous Peter Parker? And, as Otto Octavius ​​takes another big step in his life as Peter Parker, can no longer be part of the life of Flash coming to an end? Would it not a
Avengers Under Siege HC
Home heroes, but the villains are waiting for them! Avengers Mansion becomes the site of one of the greatest battles of the team when Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil remove powerful of Earth's heroes, one by one, one seemingly forever! Plus: Odyssey Avengers, Alpha Flight and Atlantean civil war! Guest starring role Ant-Man, Doctor Druid and Paladin,
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #01-05 Complete
The most comprehensive guide to the Marvel Universe is moving forward in 2010! This 64- page book is the first guide to ALL- New profiles since 2007, and spans the width and depth of the Marvel U: New characters ! Never before profiled characters ! The Golden Age ! Space ! Teams ! Mutants ! Westerns ! Dimensions ! And because you demanded it :
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