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Iron Man 2.0 Vol.1 - Palmer Addley is Dead
New mission! New armor! New Iron Man! Lt. Col. James Rhodes is War Machine - the single most advanced one-man weapon of conventional combat. But wars aren't fought the way they used to be - and when Rhodey has to face a mysterious enemy he can't shoot, can't bomb, can't even see, he'll be forced to evolve - or die. Breakout sensation Nick Spencer
Paradise X Heralds #1-3 Complete
3 issues pages | 30.1 мb.

Tags: Paradise X Heralds 3-D Man (Chandler) Absorbing Man Angel
This three-issue prelude to PARADISE X concludes as X-51's ragtag band of alternate reality heroes face their ultimate adversary -- the threat of the Celestial Embryos! Will even the combined forces of Wolverine, Machine Man, Iron Man 2020, Bloodstorm, Hyperion, Deathlok, Killraven, and Spider-Girl be enough to save the multiverse?
Daredevil - Yellow #01-06 Complete
"The measure of man is not in how he gets knocked to the mat, this is how he gets." These words father blind prosecutor Matthew Murdock lived and died in. Prizefighter Battlin "Jack Murdock murder in motion a chain of events that exploded with new super hero swinging kitchen of New York Hell - blind Acrobat Daredevil. In this retelling of the
Secret Wars
This is it, the granddaddy of all epic events. Before the crisis of identity, Infinite Crisis, House of M, Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet was Secret Wars.Pochti omnipotent being due already, due to the lack of a better word, stole the greatest heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe deadly and whisked them to the far side the universe to fight
Thor #05
23 pages | 35.5 мb.

Tags: Thor Absorbing Man Odin Titania
Mysterious new Thor Midgard took by storm. But if her enemies to express their opinion, her reign as the Goddess of thunder will be short. Prince Odinson makes a list and check it twice. All-Father Odin so desperate to see Mjolnir returned to Asgard, that he would call on some very dangerous, unexpected allies. And sinks and Titania only to their

Thor #05 (2015)

Publisher: Marvel
Loki - Agent of Asgard #09
AXIS TIE-IN! Loki, swashbuckling savior of truth and justice, as compared to the Loreley - scheming sister noble Sorceress! Once - at the time, Loki would rather forget - these two were allies. Now, Loki must bring Lorelei in - or die trying! Also featuring: basic meanness Thor - Marvel God bestial evil!
Magneto #12
As the impact of the Red Skull permeates the world, Magneto confronted with his best friend he thought he was buried ... Maybe Magneto has more in common with Charles Xavier, what he once thought?
Avengers Universe #01-06 Complete
Indicia states that this comic collects/reprints Avengers #8-9 & Thor 3 5 but it does not. The 3 space 5 for Thor is a further typo and the 3 should have been a # sign.
Axis - Revolutions #01
AXIS tie-in! Companion series to the latest blockbusters case Miracles, AXIS! Through the history of the Avengers and the X-Men epic battle with the Red Skull! As Red Skull hate speech around the world, will our heroes be able to quell the madness? Or maybe they just swept it?
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #03
ACTION: RED SUPREMACY With heroes lost, the fate of the world lies in the hands of the most loathsome syndicate known to man. Scarlet Witch forced to join Dr. Doom, the man who unleashed his power to cause M-Day, or she will follow those she loves the most die. The return of one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe! Avenger comes, heart
Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #01-12 HD Complete
Crossover comic series that the bar for all other crossovers arrive. Secet war is twelve issue mini-series details the history of the greatest heroes and villains of Earth abduction omnipotent Beyonder and forced to fight to all their wishes true. Otherworld wants to know what the power will be the winner of that good ... or evil! Series was
Marvel Apes Amazing Spider-Monkey Special
With the Great Ape power ... Feces front, True Believers , it's Amazing Spider- Monkey ! From the pages of last year's hit monkeys , join the Monkey -verse in Peter Parker as he comes to grips with the world is too cruel for his heroic legacy to allow. But as Spider- Monkey tries to create a better world for all kind of monkeys , Captain America
Marvel Tales Vol.2 #01-291 Complete
291 issues pages | 8800 мb.

Tags: Marvel Tales Absorbing Man Spider-Man
First В«Marvel Tales", which will be published by Marvel Comics. Though, from 20 to 7 years before, Marvel Tales 1 was published Marvel Comics-precursors timely Comics. This series started as Marvel Tales annum in the years 1964 and 1965, before he became a monthly series reprint. Most of the questions were only reprint them, but sometimes they
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