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Bomb Queen - Deluxe Edition Vol.4
Concluding luxury remastered greatest schadenfreude comicdom's! This volume collects BOMB QUEEN 7: atomic bomb bomb QUEEN: Gang Bang fully edited (plus extras) in a beautiful oversized edition! Complete the setting and make the world a safer place ... or, at least, one funnier! Collects Bomb Queen VII, Queen bomb all the girls and Special Bomb
Bomb Queen - Deluxe Edition Vol.3
BOMB QUEEN Volumes 5 and 6 fully remastered in a beautiful oversized deluxe edition that will sit proudly on any pervert's ... uh, we mean a shelf collector! Thanks cameos from ShadowHawk, Youngblood, even President Obama! Collects Bomb Queen V в„– 1-6 and the Bomb Queen VI # 1-4.
Bomb Queen - Deluxe Edition Vol.2
Collectors bomb QUEEN villain of the series will love this re-mastered, edited, oversized, hardcover edition featuring heroines Shadow and a rare guest appearance She-Spawn. Do not miss this collection of cut director with additional bonus material from the insane head Jimmy Robinson. Collect the bombs series QUEEN III and BOMB QUEEN IV in its
Bomb Queen - Deluxe Edition Vol.1
Collects BOMB QUEEN: ROYAL FLUSH # 1-4, bomb QUEEN II: queen of hearts # 1-4 and BOMB QUEEN VS. Blacklight: CAT FIGHT (one shot) final remastered edition of one of the most outrageous comic of the 21st century! This is a special, super-deluxe hardcover is the first eight BOMB Queen comics, the first disposable BOMB QUEEN special, as well as behind
Hack-Slash Vol.11 - Marry F-ck Kill
This volume collects two of the most controversial storylines Hack / Slash, as Cassie and Vlad go face to face with a bomb Queen "mizhprostorovyh Women's Prison Breakout", then it is necessary to prevent Samhain go to the dark side in the midst of a giant monster invasion in "Monster Torment ". Sex, blood, and one giant dragon gorilla in the best
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