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Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain Vol.1
Your favorite slasher hunter is back! When a mysterious cult monsters, Cassie is forced to return to the life she thought she left behind. Combined with a new partner and collided with the enemy unlike any she struggled to, Cassie must confront the darkness in the world and in their lives anew. Agents evil never rest; Unfortunately for them, nor
Hack-Slash Vol.11 - Marry F-ck Kill
This volume collects two of the most controversial storylines Hack / Slash, as Cassie and Vlad go face to face with a bomb Queen "mizhprostorovyh Women's Prison Breakout", then it is necessary to prevent Samhain go to the dark side in the midst of a giant monster invasion in "Monster Torment ". Sex, blood, and one giant dragon gorilla in the best
Hack-Slash Vol.13 - Final
Famous series ends as the approaches Slasher breeding Black Lamp Society resistance Cassie and Vlad the final bloody confrontation! Collects Hack / Slash, vol. 2 # 20-25.
Hack-Slash Vol.12 - Dark Sides
This volume collects the sensational issue written guest stars Justin Jordan (Luther Strode), James Louder and MICAHEL MORECI & Steve Seeley (fraud hunters) and rare crossover with Mercy Sparx. On the trip back to Chicago, Vlad faces his large family of inbred cannibals crowd; a cat Kuryon takes the stage in a solo adventure. Then Cassie and Vlad
Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain #03
Cassie relies upon an old friend to uncover the mystery of October. Meanwhile, the beast with God on his side, Morinto Plucking army of monsters to fight a war against humanity.
Army of Darkness vs. Hack-Slash #04
Ash and Cassie head to Connecticut to stop heavy metal masters intentions to revive a long dead witch! But fires built for human sacrifice can not be the only heat between our heroes!
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