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The Living Corpse Omnibus Vol.1
The critically acclaimed series is collected for the first time in one massive trade! The dead have risen with a taste for human brains, but one among them has developed a conscience. Alone and outnumbered by evil, The Living Corpse wages a war against the creatures of the night. Roaming graveyards and haunted landscapes, he battles familiar
Nailbiter - Hack-Slash
MEET serial killers serial killer ... killer! Cassie Hack against Nailbiter! Vlad against Ray in Eliminador! It's on! Two brand spanking new tales of terror from the creative teams of both hits image! TIM Seeley returns to the character he created to give you a nasty blast from the past. If you ever needed an excuse to read these two terrible
Impaler Epilogue
7 pages | 9.6 мb.

Tags: Impaler Epilogue Vlad William Harms
Some of you have been waiting a long time for this. Consider expect more. With absolutely killer art of Edward pun, William Harms brings us to the final chapter in his two-volume masterpiece vampire, Impaler. Volume Two left us with some serious questions whose answers are all here, but be careful - they can not be immediately expected. Or one's
Bomb Queen - Deluxe Edition Vol.4
Concluding luxury remastered greatest schadenfreude comicdom's! This volume collects BOMB QUEEN 7: atomic bomb bomb QUEEN: Gang Bang fully edited (plus extras) in a beautiful oversized edition! Complete the setting and make the world a safer place ... or, at least, one funnier! Collects Bomb Queen VII, Queen bomb all the girls and Special Bomb
Hack-Slash Annual 2011 - Hatchet-Slash
The biggest stars in the book of horror comics MEET the biggest star in the independent horror films AS CASSIE AND VLAD MEET ax Victor Crowley! In Louisiana Bayou, the murderous ghost of Victor Crowley is maiming tourists in creatively horrible ways. But in his blind murderous rampage, he may have created something worse than himself! Now, Cassie
Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain #04
The film takes a deadly turn as Cassie, October, and Delroy face off against hordes of monsters led by God to fight with the legendary beast.
Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain #02
After escaping the cave Morinto in Cassie and Delroy take into the wilderness to track the mysterious boy monsters kept in captivity. Their search leads them to a scalper in the angular groups that do not like visitors. Meanwhile, Morinto opposed to the mythical God Beast.
Army of Darkness vs. Hack-Slash #06
FINAL ISSUE! Cassie and Ash managed to work together for the whole 5 questions, but now former partners at odds in the war in time for the possession of the Necronomicon!
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