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Shadowhawk Vampirella #01-02
Followers of the Chaos Cult are running rampant on the streets of New York City. Terrorizing churches, Shadowhawk springs into action to uphold justice. Vampirella appears and mistakes the vigilante for just another cult member. A misunderstanding leads to a fight, ending in dire consequences!
Shadowhawk Vol.3 #01-05
5 issues pages | 137.7 мb.

Tags: KillSwitch Shadowhawk
Fifteen years after his stunning death, Paul Johnstone wears the helmet of ShadowHawk once more. New York, however, is far more dangerous than he remembers, as a new evil grows in the city's shadows. Before he can deal with the ramifications of being alive again, though, he must first deal with the actions of his past.
Shadowhawk Vol.2 #01-15
15 issues pages | 196.3 мb.

Tags: Shadowhawk James Collins
A WHOLE NEW ERA BEGINS HERE! When Eddie Collins and his father moved to New York, Eddie was given a mystical helmet and became the last in a line of legendary heroes dating back to Ancient Egypt. But does even ShadowHawk have the power to stop the man called BackLight? Even if he does, a new mystery waits in the wings as a mysterious talker
Shadowhawk Vol.1 00-18 (include II #1-3, III #1-4)
19 issues pages | 295.4 мb.

Tags: Shadowhawk Arson Paul Johnstone Vendetta
A Shadowy figure voyages in the city seeking justice. Who is he? Why is he seeking Justice, and is he even human?
Images of Shadowhawk #01-03
3 issues pages | 31.7 мb.

Tags: Images of Shadowhawk Shadowhawk Trencher
Trencher has an assignment to repossess the Blowhole. Trencher runs into Shadowhawk and Fight! Fight! Fight!
Bomb Queen - Deluxe Edition Vol.3
BOMB QUEEN Volumes 5 and 6 fully remastered in a beautiful oversized deluxe edition that will sit proudly on any pervert's ... uh, we mean a shelf collector! Thanks cameos from ShadowHawk, Youngblood, even President Obama! Collects Bomb Queen V в„– 1-6 and the Bomb Queen VI # 1-4.
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