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Avengers Ultraforce
Grandmaster joins the search for infinity gems! And the classic style of the ancient old man he challenges Loki to battle champions! Champions Loki will Ultraforce! And Grandmaster Mighty Avengers! Excellent match-ups are set: Captain America vs. Hardcase! Crystal and Black Widow against Siren and Topaz! Iron Man vs. Prototype! Contrary to
Secret Avengers #01
Save the Empire , Part One Brand new Secret Avengers are ready to get started. They are going to be the most effective secret unit in the world? Have their personal issues to tear them apart ? U- decide! Three missions will start at the same time , one space , one on the ground ... and one in the air. And no one is ready. For attackers exception.
Black Widow #04
23 pages | 22.5 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Nathan Edmondson
From the cold streets of the old, hand of God refers to crush the Black Widow and merciless. Outmatched by brute force of a powerful new villain, Natasha is a deadly plot unfolds that spans the globe To the sensational new series as the most deadly avenger facing her deadliest test!
Before the Fantastic Four - Ben Grimm and Logan #01-03 Complete
What happened when Wolverine and the thing ran before they donned bright costumes ? This shows all the new story ! The Marvel Universe is full of tough guys , but they just do not come any tougher than Ben Grimm and Logan! This action-packed adventure takes place during the dangerous days of Grimm as a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force ( before he
Marvel Knights #01-15 HD Complete
15 issues pages | 719.5 мb.

Tags: Marvel Knights Black Widow Dagger Daredevil Punisher Shang-Chi Ulik
Street characters take center stage in the Marvel Universe in this series, many of the witch "Marvel Knights line" heroes join together as a team. The series lasted 15 issues, but was revived and a half years with the second series, Marvel Knights Vol. 2, which lasted 6 issues.
Marvel Apes #01-04 Complete
Feces Flingin ', True Believer - the entire Marvel Universe has gone APE! Not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary story - just the most not-to-be-missed mini-series of the season! If you only buy one (well, two) comics this month about super-powered, intelligent apes-in-capes, it must be MARVEL APES!.
Hawkeye #15
Barton Brothers double down against the bad guys, like a clown besieging their buildings. Can keep everyone safe Hawkguy against killer nobody not even seen? What happens when you get locked out with a loser like his older brother for a week straight? You go crazy, is not it? Clint goes a little nuts. Plus ... two free staples!
Onslaught Unleashed #01-04 Complete
Onslaught is back with a vengeance! The series was originally planned as a crossover between the Young Allies comic series and Steve Rogers: Super Soldier. Young Allies, however, was canceled with issue 6, and planned crossover was turned into a mini-series.
Adam - Legend Of The Blue Marvel #01-05 Complete
Tells the story of Adam Brashear, in the African-American superhero who was around in 1962. Because of fear and impending civil rights movement, the man asked the U.S. President to resign as the Blue Marvel. At present moment, the villain Blue Marvel Marvel returned and blue can be only one powerful enough to stop him.
Daredevil #36
The Astounding Final Issue!
Avengers World #03
Shang-Chi against Gorgon - fight to the death for control of the hand. 20 page direct bone-crushing martial arts action like you've never seen it before.
Avengers #26
"Adapt or Die" Science catches up with the world war (s). All-New Avengers Strike Back! All answers to the questions you would have remained hidden. Clash of the Avengers and New Avengers inevitable.
Black Widow #03
25 pages | 26.8 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto
Finely woven threads - Part 3: "FOLIAGE" She is one of those women who you call when you need to escape from prison in South America. Do not miss the book everyone is talking about (and it's not even out yet!)
Loki - Agent of Asgard #01
Kid Loki is all grown up - and God Mischief stronger, smarter, sexier and just sneakier than ever before. As one man's secret service Asgardia, he was ready to lie, cheat, steal, and bluff your way through Snog twistiest, turniest and most treacherous missions All-Mother can throw at him ... From heart-stopping robbery Avengers Tower - and the
Black Widow #02
25 pages | 24 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Isaiah
In fact, it's so good that you do not want to wait another month for the next year. And you will not have to!
The Superior Spider-Man #25
Special super-sized 25th issue! Otto Octavius​​, Superior Spider-Man, a life-and-death struggle against the original Superior Venom! Plus: With the last goblin on the side of the court over the goblin king! Guest Stars: The Avengers!
Starblast #01-04 Complete
Mini-series, which was supposed to reignite the space series of Marvel in the mid-1990s. It is a transition between Adam Warlock, Quasar and other space as heroes.
Black Widow #01
25 pages | 26.1 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Nathan Henry Edmondson Phil Noto
Have you seen Black Widow as Avenger and even shield agent. But in her spare time she seeks redemption for her past as a KGB assassin thus from which the team simply would not have approved. Of the darkest corners of the universe Marvel, Nathan Edmonson (who Jake Ellis?) And Phil Noto (Thunderbolts, X-23) bring you a new ongoing series as a
Marvel Zombies vs Army Of Darkness #01-05 Complete
Indicia titled as "Marvel Zombies / Army Of Darkness". This is it true believers , the cross- century ! Marvel Zombies come face -to-face with Ash Dynamite Entertainment, from the Army of Darkness ! Ash has faced legions of the undead before, but never like this ... as he lands in the heart of New York City as well as a zombie outbreak begins !
Lunatik Vol.1 #01-03 Complete
Lunatik in his own very, very short lived series.
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