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Avengers Assemble #25
Total war in New York! Crazy Dr. June Covington took on AIM, and wins. The Avengers are trapped in the middle of this war Mad Science! But now, the situation is more important - as a second Terrihena cocoon in New York, ticking like a time bomb about to go, Covington wants and AIM has it. SPIDER-GIRL, who was mentored by the Avengers in his quest
Avengers Assemble #24
Mad scientist June Covington is in a state of war in New York City with AIM to control new inhuman abilities! (And also because she hates people and loves to kill them!) SPIDER-GIRL must enlist the help of Iron Man to understand what is at stake, how to deal with it - and if she is very lucky, how to restore her friend without ending up dead.
Avengers Assemble #23
Inhumanity tie-in! While tracking toxic Dr. Covington, education Spider-girl takes a horrific turn: it should under the tutelage of a hero on the skimpy Avenger: WOLVERINE! INHUMAN that Avengers has the unique ability to look - one that in the wrong hands, can change everything! Warren Ellis (AVENGERS: Endless war) once again joins KELLY SUE
Avengers Assemble #22
Inhumanity tie-in Spider-Woman and the Hulk - Team Garden! - Are Back In Black ... and red. And yellow. And purple and green. Lots of green. Speaking of green ... Spider-Girl in the footsteps of her father and should investigate money. Toxic Doxie has its own inhuman ... All that maniac could ask for.
Avengers Assemble #21
Remember all that crazy science from previous releases? Here's where it gets positively inhuman! When Spider-Girl in trouble ... Who was she to go? Black Widow, Spider-Woman and Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman as a mentor ... Who thought it was a good idea?
Avengers Assemble #20
Infinity tie-in ... Possessing an uncanny AVENGERS! A giant naked man breaks Quinjet! Eight-year-old girl is fighting a centaur in the heart of the atom! Interestingly, the search for a man of peace! And that's just the things that we can tell you about!
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