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Black Widow #07
24 pages | 22.1 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Daredevil
"Fog of War" Natasha returns to San Francisco
Original Sin #03
ANSWERS at any cost. Following the explosion in the last issue of mysteries, heroes Marvel U fever, leaving Nick Fury stand alone. He Holds the eye is still on the run, and now we meet his boss, the villainous mastermind behind the raid on lair Observer. In deep space, the Winter Soldier, heads the group, which opens all the strangest murder.
Avengers World #07
Lives depend on three Avengers collector violation UNBREACHABLE. What is true destiny collector?
Original Sin #02
Who keeps an eye? Who know their secret? Space wanted killer observer continues. Found another body. The trail leads killers to the far corners of the universe and beyond. And just when Nick Fury and the Avengers think they cornered their killer ... All explodes, unleashing the greatest mysteries in the Marvel Universe.
Secret Avengers #03
"Post-nuclear" Post-nuclear warhead is missing in the Middle East. Eighteen S.H.I.E.L.D. agents dead. Who you gonna call? What happens when the Black Widow and Lady Bullseye meet? Sparkles. And what happens when you get too much glitter? Explosions, that's what. While Phil Coulson struggles with his new task, Maria Hill talks to her old: MODOK
Original Sin #01
Who shot the observer ? The Observer , a mysterious space- god who watched us from the moon as long as we can remember ... dead. So begins the greatest murder mystery in the history of Marvel Comics. As Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the investigation , other forces marshaling , and other issues that arise. Why Black Panther
Black Widow #06
24 pages | 21.6 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Nathan Edmondson Phil Noto
The person behind the attacks sitting alone on a dark and mysterious water can penetrate Natasha floating lair? The Power of Black Widow and the trick will be put to the test as she is on the trail of blood and destruction in the early ... This mission is too dangerous even for SHIELD
Avengers World #05
Lives depend on three Avengers collector violations UNBREACHABLE. What's true fate in the collector?
Winter Soldier Vol.1 - The Longest Winter
He was Captain America and Bucky - now James Barnes returns as the Winter Soldier ! They are super - spies Universe Marvel - and when the former Russian sleeper agents awaken , Bucky and the Black Widow must go on the hunt for men trained by the Winter Soldier himself . But when the trail leads to Latveria , Bucky comes face to face with Dr. Doom
Avengers Vol.1 - Avengers World
The greatest heroes in comics together as one unbeatable team ! Avengers "go big, " expanding their sphere of influence and a list of global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America releases its call who will respond ? Answers will surprise you! Avengers first mission takes them to Mars , but the secrets of the garden lead back to Earth
What If Age Of Ultron #04
Twilight Marvel Universe! In a world without Torah, Norwegian time End Rahnarek kills every super-powered being, leaving only the heroes of the Marvel Universe inactive for! Collected under the direction of Nick Fury, these helpless defenders is all that remains to protect the planet from midhardskoho snake!
What If Age Of Ultron #03
Twilight Marvel Universe! In a world without Torah, Norwegian time End Rahnarek kills every super-powered being, leaving only the heroes of the Marvel Universe inactive for! Collected under the direction of Nick Fury, these helpless defenders is all that remains to protect the planet from midhardskoho snake!
Superior Spider-Man #31
Final series! End of an era! A tale of triumph and tragedy! Green Goblin unmasked! Hero Reborn! But what does this mean for OTTO octave? There's only one man who can save us from the Goblin Nation ... Peter Parker: a true SUPERIOR Spiderman!
Spider-Island - Heroes For Hire
Spider-Island Tie-In. Misty Knight's rag-tag band of street heroes have to keep hordes of infected from storming Manhattan, but the team members themselves are victims of the plague. The question may squad survive or will this crisis destroy the concept of the already fragile "Heroes".
Secret Avengers #02
The Earth is in danger. Massive withdrawn S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite about to fall upon us all. This P.R. nightmare in the making! Talking about things falling from space: Nick Fury and Agent Phil Coulson special is about to die painfully. If Hawkeye, Black Widow and Spider-Woman did not save them! Mary Hill injured. Keeler personal. A potential
All-New Ultimates #01
Next Generation Ultimates HERE! Spider-Man , Black Widow , Kitty Pryde , bombshell , cape and DAGGER officially unite to address the vicious, rampant crime wave overtaking Hell kitchen! DIAMONDBACK leads teen gang dragon skull as they run drug Midtown West , trade & deal in weapons murderous citywide terror ! Detective Brigid O'Reilly and his unit
What If Age Of Ultron #01
Infinite AGE Ultron! In the era of Altron, time travel Wolverine killed Hank Pima before he can create a world-conquering Altron. What would Marvel Universe look like if another of the founders Avenger was killed as well? World Without Wasp brings peace where Hank Pim created in Altron even more disgusting than the one we know!
Black Widow #05
24 pages | 21.2 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Molot Boga Tori Raven
Paris, London, Montenegro. Natasha in a race against time, under the shadow of the hammer ... Dark areas threatens Europe, and even SHIELD does not know who is behind this ... With nowhere to turn for answers, Natasha has no choice but to ask the raven with ...
Captain America Homecoming #01
Captain America and Black Widow jump into action in a completely new, cinematic set of adventures! What brought Steve Rogers back to tour his old Brooklyn neighborhood? Hint: It's not just milkshakes! Plus: Reprinting the first appearance in Cap # 1 driven on a high-flying kite!
Superior Spider-Man #30
"Goblin Nation" - Part 4 of 5 Since dying wish, he has the build for it. One of the most important moments of the entire Superior Spider-Man saga! Once this happens, it can not be reversed! Do not miss this issue!
Avengers Assemble #25
Total war in New York! Crazy Dr. June Covington took on AIM, and wins. The Avengers are trapped in the middle of this war Mad Science! But now, the situation is more important - as a second Terrihena cocoon in New York, ticking like a time bomb about to go, Covington wants and AIM has it. SPIDER-GIRL, who was mentored by the Avengers in his quest
Champions #01-17 Complete
Not long, but the legendary team of superheroes known as Champions, starring various superheroes such as Hercules, Ghost Rider, Iceman, Angel, Dark Star and Black Widow!
Marvel Knights - Hulk #04
1 Rampaging MONSTER + 2 = starlets MIRACLE KNIGHTS MAGIC! What brought Bruce Banner back on the launch pad of the original gamma bomb ... and is the birthplace of Hulk as the place of his death? It is a brain bending mystery and quirky cool blockbuster Hulk download directly from the frantic minds Keating and Kowalski!
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