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The Avengers vs. Thanos
Eternal. Nihilist. Madman. Potential lover's death. All of these things Thanos of Titan, and even before he created the Infinity Gauntlet and destroyed half of the universe, he was still a powerful force to be reckoned with. And now collected in one volume for the first time, a complete history of the first life Thanos "... and the first death.
Avengers Infinity #01-04 Complete
We have hinted at them while the now classic 12-issue adventure, and now a star covering infinities come! Unknowable and incomprehensible, they will resist the Avengers, which includes Thor, Tigra, Moon Dragon, Photon and Quasar! But first, it's specially selected squad of Earth Mightiest Heroes have to deal with the menacing powerful beings! This
Age of Innocence - The Rebirth of Iron Man
Tony Stark as a teenager fighting for his life in a medical facility, while others reflect on the life and nature of its predecessor, the adult Tony Stark of Earth-616. The story ends with teenagers Stark regained consciousness and was talking with his longtime confidant Edwin Jarvis.
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