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Red Skull #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 77.6 мb.

Tags: Red Skull Adolf Hitler Dieter 2011-2012
Greg Pak and Mirko Colak bring us the story of the Red Skull. In Berlin descends into chaos and ruin, sinister forces are on the rise, and the people who will form the Nazi Party ascend to power. It was at this time that Johann Schmidt of age. Johann has nothing ... and how far he would go for power will change the world ...
Fear Itself #01-7.3 Complete
Do not fear you ... tomorrow? In this time of global anxiety, economic crisis and mass hysteria, Sin, the new Red Skull, has made an amazing discovery ... shameful secrets that stir the base universe Marvel! Revelations that will share a father and son, turn against each other, and messenger of fear personified. He returns ... and the world has
Static Shock #01-08 Complete
New 52 series starring Static, the first written Scott McDaniel and John Rozum. This is the first series of solo character beyond Milestone imprint which originally ended in 1997, and later was properly put to rest in 2010. The series was canceled as of issue number 8.
Justice League International #01-12 + Annual Complete
New Ongoing starring the Justice League International written by Dan Jurgens with art Lopresti.Seriya Aaron is part of a new initiative of 52, after the events of Flashpoint. Headed by Booster Gold, the UN authorized the JLI includes Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red, Vixen, Godiva, August General in iron, and Batman, although it is not
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