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Imagine that you are shy, quiet student. Just a regular guy trying to get through each day, as best he can. Then your state contact you. They want you to be part of an experiment in the art of covert operations person. Instead of creating an agent from someone in their own ranks, they want to create an agent from whom, from scratch, from you!

Fire (2014)

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Guy Gardner #01-16 Complete
The volume continues in Guy Gardner : Warrior It was the biggest dream of Guy Gardner and most other heroes biggest nightmare. Not only are the cheeky former Green Lantern is alive and well in his own ongoing series , but now it 's armed and ready for battle with a yellow ring diet. Kick-off created by writer Gerard Jones and penciller Joe Staton,
Fire And Brimstone (1-5 series) Complete
5000 years ago, an angel and demoness inadvertently opened the door to another world than the dark forces have used. And now heroines to join forces to rid the Earth of evil forces.
Justice League International #01-12 + Annual Complete
New Ongoing starring the Justice League International written by Dan Jurgens with art Lopresti.Seriya Aaron is part of a new initiative of 52, after the events of Flashpoint. Headed by Booster Gold, the UN authorized the JLI includes Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red, Vixen, Godiva, August General in iron, and Batman, although it is not
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