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Static Shock Vol.1 - Supercharged
184 pages | 264.9 мb.

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Collecting the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 series! When high school student VIRGIL HAWKINS relocates to New York City, he'll have to battle a whole new kind of evil in the form of the Slate Gang, Piranha and more! Collects the new STATIC SHOCK #1-8 – the entire NEW 52 series! Back Blurb GET A JOLT WITH NEW YORK CITY'S BLAZING NEW HERO Virgil
Static Shock - Rebirth of the Cool (1-4 series) Complete
First appeared in the comic TEEN TITANS. There once was a boy and there was an accident in which a mutagenic gas-still did its job ... Virgil Hawkins became Statics (Static) with electric super-power. He at the same time have to deal with arrivals at school, work and family issues. In addition to deal with villains including Holocaust and Commando
Static Shock #01-08 Complete
New 52 series starring Static, the first written Scott McDaniel and John Rozum. This is the first series of solo character beyond Milestone imprint which originally ended in 1997, and later was properly put to rest in 2010. The series was canceled as of issue number 8.
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