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Spider-Man - Mutant Agenda #00-03 Complete

Spider-Man - Mutant Agenda #00-03 Complete

Beast, Archangel , Rogue, Gambit and Bishop hone their skills in the Danger Room, where every character is an opportunity to express their unique mutant superpowers. After the exercise was over and the dust settles Hank McCoy (aka , Beast ) and Warren Worthington III ( aka Archangel ) meet to talk about the good old days when they were part of the flagship team of X-Men. Then they both looked like normal people , and be part of society, without having to hide and conceal themselves. Warren McCoy asks if it is OK, but it undermines Hank goes.

Back in the room, McCoy , he leafing through old scrapbooks mind before he became X-Men, where he worked on genetic research company brand . Everything was fine until then a terrible accident led Hank mutations change causing it to grow blue hair all over the body . While he was still naive true desire brand, thinking that it contributes to the common good of science for man and mutant kind.

An article in the newspaper caused all these emotions in Hank says that the brand is going to reveal the secret of mutations McCoy worked as a project when he studied there . Anyway , it seems Mark took his studies, where he stopped , and he feels responsible for everything that could make do with the knowledge that he gained from his experiment . Leaving the mansion , Rogue confronts Hank tells him that he is not going anywhere alone. Knowing that he really can not explain it perfectly to her why he should do it alone, he tells her to touch it with her bare hands, taking his thoughts and memories with their powers, so that she will know for sure why he should do what needs to be done alone. She uses her powers and sees and understands what is inside the soul of Hank and let him go .

Elsewhere, in an apartment in Soho , Mary Jane Watson , Peter Parker nag to get to the conference on time today because his professor expects a report covering under discussion and that he really did not have time to go out as Spider-Man . Talking to her , he just uses it as a cheap transport, he kisses her and removes the window. Swinging above the roofs , Spider-Man did not immediately see Hobgoblin flies past him , but Brownie sees it. Do not really want to spend time fighting , Hobgoblin tries to get Spider-Man, without being noticed , but he still noticed, and , of course, a fight breaks out . Finals he quickly ghost slime ball to the face , sending Spider-Man fell to the streets below , gives Hobgoblin time needed to go. Man does manage to get the green sludge from his face at the time , but not fast enough to stop Brownie or which way he went .

Later Hobgoblin also works on the roof of the beast , but fortunately for him , this time , the Beast does not see it. Down in the alley below Hank McCoy falls from roofs and pulls out a long coat and hat from his pack, so he could attend this conference for a mutation that gives brand . With his coat and hat ( Perfect camouflage ) in place that is ready to see the population.

Peter Parker , entering the meeting notes of the beast (so to disguise it ), but can not get close to him without revealing his secret identity with Hank . Inside the front door Hank sees colored statue of X-Men with signature reading " mutation : the power without control? " That's all , Hank has to see to know that the brand is probably more to his old tricks to get support for their experiments on mutants spreading fear and paranoia about them.

Before entering the meeting , Peter sees some results of Mark and statistics on some display boards and comment on the fact that the brand can be simple years from being able to give people some features of animals that resembles Peter how he got his powers . Going into the crowded hall Beast Peter says again and wants to sit next to him in the hope of being able to ignite a conversation with him about the conference. Peter would like to hear Hank's take on the presentation, but because of the crowds Peter did not get the chance .

Landon , reigning CEO Brand, making his way to the podium in the center of the stage and the audience to announce that the brand is now broken the genetic code and they are ready to start splicing DNA from people making their own mutants. Hank knows that brand only interested in mutant slaves, but before he can express his opinion, Brownie bursts on the scene revealing all that Landon has been doing terrible things , but does not say what they are. The beast now without coat and hat jumping on stage and knocks Brownie from Landon but still moments later Spider-Man with a clean electrified thrown at him . Brownie , knowing that he can not take both animal and Spider, throwing pumpkin bombs onto the balcony , where she watches the battle. With Spider-Man easily save a woman from an explosion , Hobgoblin gets frustrated and decids leave them alone , blowing a hole in the wall to make it stay. But inside the building, which is now about to collapse , Beast and Spider-Man , and many people who have not yet received .

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