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Amazing Spider-Man #551-600

Amazing Spider-Man #551-600


Jackpot ! Spider protivpolitsii ! The threat ! Triumphs , twists, turns and tragedy pack these two issues Marc Guggenheim and Salvador Larrocca. And would you believe ... Spider-Man sued ? (Hey , this is what we get for having a former lawyer write these things ... )

Spider-Man is going to investigate the explosion in the direction of Harlem, when he found himself surrounded by police helicopters . Jumping out of the window , they start shooting at him as he tries to joke . Once again, it is out of the web liquid. He fell on the streets below , he escapes the jackpot , swinging on the cable.

Police are still following and firing at him. Spider-Man is not really against them following , he goes to the Apollo Theatre, where mayoral debate continues . The threat is a member of the board of Parfrey in his jaws . As Spider-Man and Jackpot arrive, it is a threat to his glider .

Spider-Man gets the idea to jump into a police helicopter . He promises them that he will not let them arrest him if they help save a member of the council. Jackpot joins them. Using his graduation Tracer, they manage to find threats and Parfrey. Spider jumps on them. He gets out of hand Parfrey Menace and literally throws it into the jackpot. The threat willing to go through with his early threat when Spider-Man decks him.

The struggle continues and Jackpot decides to help Spider, jumping on his back Menace website . The situation is out of control . Spider-Man falls to the ground with a threat and soon the next jackpot . With an unmanned glider , it flies out of control ... directly to a member of the Board of Parfrey. Spider-Man and Jackpot are too far away to do anything but cry for her duck. Too late.

The threat of Spider-Man says it 's all my fault , even though they know that this is really Jackpot that on my knees crying. The threat of disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Jackpot pushes Spider-Man , and tells him to get away from her. Police come to arrest him . He tells him that it's not a good time . Though he promised that they could arrest him , he had his fingers crossed and leaves.

In the DB, he is trying to give a better picture of the threat he could get . Dexter Bennett tells him that this is not the first picture . At the debate , there were TV cameras and mobile phone cameras in the crowd. Pieter did manage to get the show Menace flies with the deceased member of the board . Dexter admires vozdeystviefoto and offers Peter two thousand, because he can not rightfully give him ten thousand dollar bonus. Peter says Jameson would just give him fifty dollars , and thinks to himself that it would be enough to buy all the ingredients he needs to do more web - liquid. Things look good in the new database .

Later, Spider-Man tracks down the address of Sarah Ehret . Knocking at the window, he vidittemnye , short-haired woman . He asks if she's wearing a wig, as part of a costume. She does not know what he says. Spider asks if her name is Sarah , and she says yes . He then tells her that the jackpot who identified herself as her personality . He does not know why his Spider- sense does not go away, if she lied . Sarah says he should just stand by and closes the window.

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