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Amazing Spider-Man #251-300

Amazing Spider-Man #251-300

Brownie and Spider-Man into the crumbling building untill the Hobgoblin tries to escape in his battle wagon. As he drives away Hobgoblin thinks he finally won Amazing Spider- Man.Domovoy quickly discovers that he has a special passenger.Spider-Man 'S " spider sense " still does not work. Spider-Man rushes into battle hobgoblins van completely exhausted. It is almost certain death to a person on the head hobgoblin without his spider Sense.Domovoy sets his van to battle auto-pilot so that he can fight the Spider. After a huge uppercut to the head Spider Spider His feelings erupt on . After the battle, the battle for a few van crashed into the river Gudzon.Voda quickly rises until it reaches the panel upravleniya.Furgon rigged a blow, but Spider is right , it does. Has Spider-Man swims away , he sees the mask Brownie, floating in the water . When Peter returned to the earth, he is faced with the spacecraft. ( This begins the saga of the Secret Wars)

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