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Amazing Spider-Man #151-200

Amazing Spider-Man #151-200

At the beginning of this issue , Spider-Man comes out nazavod incineration to dispose of the body of his clone , now that he knows he is the real Spider-Man. He has one last look at the body before his spider sense starts tingling, and he realizes that someone is spying on him. However, a moment later, he sees that no one is. Then it takes the body a clone to one tube body and throws it . A few hours later , Peter Parker is at Empire State University with Mary Jane and Flash Thompson , when they see Harry Osborn, who was cured of temporary insanity and back of the shelter , he was sent after he was the Green Goblin . Before Peter , Flash, and Mary Jane leave, Peter tells Harry that J. Jonah Jameson is having a party that night for Ned Leeds and Betty Brant, and that he should come along.

At the party that night, things are going well , but as the game goes on the various reports on the radio said that there is a mysterious trips around the city. Food, and then goes to the apartment of Jameson , and Peter goes outside, is suspicious of the blackouts . He notices a helicopter flies , and a swing at him, before changing Spider-Man hangs while on the Internet. From his point of view in the air, Spider-Man can be seen that the places where there were blackouts are out the name Shocker , although it is not finished . Spiderman then goes down the drain , as for Shocker for cutting individual units must be tamper cable below the street .

Underground, in the sewers , Spider-Man faces Shocker after a while, and they are involved in a brief scuffle . As they continue to fight , Shocker escapes, but Spider-Man's webbing runs out and he is too slow to catch the Shocker. However , Shocker blasts ceiling down the drain , allowing it to run, and knocking out Spider-Man. When Spider-Man wakes up, he finds his way out is blocked by rubble, iuroven water in the sewer filled with rain water.

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