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Blood Brothers #1 - TPB
92 pages | 102.9 мb.

Tags: Blood Brothers, Blood, Brothers, Dark Horse, TPB
After a century of friendship, smoking opium with Genghis Khan and having orgies in Michelangelo’s studio, two inseparable vampire buddies are on the verge of splitting up. Terrible timing, as an apocalypse-obsessed villain is plotting an end to humanity. Looks like Nick and Tree, immortal best buds getting by as bail bondsmen, are humanity’s last
X-Men - Days of Future Present #1 - TPB
Sequel to Days of Future Past. Reprints Fantastic Four Annual 23, New Mutants Annual 6, X-Factor Annual 5 & X-Men Annual 14.
New Avengers - The Reunion #1 - TPB
In the wake of Secret Invasion, Mockingbird is alive and has returned to Earth after being held captive by the Skrulls. Ronin, her estranged husband, volunteers to help her adjust to her new life as a member of the New Avengers, but some old wounds run too deep. And what deadly secret did she bring back with her that could tear them, and the
OINK - Heaven's Butcher #1 - TPB
In a dark, oppressive future, pig-men work tirelessly as the slaves of human masters, feeding a society they cannot fathom. When Oink realizes that the dogma being forced on them is all lies, he undertakes a path of revenge and revelation. Repainted! Entirely new sequences of story and art! An Orwellian fantasy—a dark commentary on our world!
What If? - Infinity - TPB
110 pages | 212.3 мb.

Tags: What If - Infinity, Infinity, Marvel, TPB
One incredible event, infinite possibilities! Prepare to discover five ways INFINITY could have led to a very different fate for the Marvel Universe. Imagine if Thanos had joined the Avengers in their war with the Builders. Or if Black Bolt had seized the opportunity for the Inhumans to rule Earth. The Avengers easily could have suffered crushing
Gemini - The Complete Series #1 - TPB
Introducing Gemini, a superhero whose identity is so secret, even he doesn't know what it is! Dan Johnson is just a normal guy with a normal job...or so he thinks. What he doesn't know is that a secret organization is using him as their weapon against crime. It’s The Manchurian Candidate meets Spider-Man! From JAY FAERBER, the writer of
Horror By Heck (TPB)
162 pages | 464.2 мb.

Tags: Horror By Heck, TPB
The Bounce (Volume 1) TPB
286 pages | 405.2 мb.

Tags: The Bounce, TPB
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