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Spread Vol.2 - The Children's Crusade
145 pages | 272.0 мb.

Tags: Spread - No Hope, Fat Jack, Hope, Molly, No, Ravello, Other comics
Jack and Molly struggle to save No's life as enemies new and old come at them from all sides. Collects SPREAD #7-11.
Graveyard Shift Vol.1 (TPB)
99 pages | 140.3 мb.

Tags: Graveyard Shift, Hope, Liam
Reunited after their memorable run on NOBLE CAUSES, JAY FAERBER and FRAN BUENO bring you a new tale of crime, horror, and romance! It’s Fright Night-style thrills and Castlestyle crime-solving as a homicide detective and his girlfriend find their love put to the ultimate test when they run afoul of a gang of vampires! Collects GRAVEYARD SHIFT
Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo (the creators behind the acclaimed best-selling graphic novel JOKER) deliver a bold story in which readers get a glimpse into the mind of Superman's longtime foe, published for the first time in hardcover – with new, additional story pages, sketch material and more! Collected from the 5-issue

Luthor (2010)

Publisher: DC
143 pages | 158.4 мb.

Tags: Luthor, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman, Hope, Lex Luthor, Mr. Orr, Superman
Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo (the creators of the best-selling graphic novel recognition JOKER) put a bold story in which readers get a glimpse into the mind the old enemy of Superman, first published in hardcover - a new, additional pages of history, sketch material and more ! Collected from 5-issue miniseries Lex Luthor: Man of

Luthor (2010)

Publisher: DC
Spread Vol.1 - No Hope
159 pages | 326.2 мb.

Tags: Spread - No Hope, Fat Jack, Hope, Molly, No, Ravello
Ten years ago we dug too deeply and decided that we could not control. Something that twisted and perverted all life in its path. Something that remade the world in its own image. Distribution. One man found a child who can save the world, but it has to fight monsters, raiders, cannibals, religious fanatics and a capricious child to do so.
Graveyard Shift #04
26 pages | 41 мb.

Tags: Graveyard Shift, Hope, Liam, Jay Faerber
CONCLUSION miniseries! Liam and Hope to storm the lair Cromeyer, hoping to defeat the vampire overlord and find a cure for the condition of Hope.
Graveyard Shift #03
29 pages | 41.5 мb.

Tags: Graveyard Shift, Hope, Liam
Liam and Hope to get a crash course in vampire 101.
Spread #05
32 pages | 48.7 мb.

Tags: Spread, Hope, No, Ravello
Ravello versus No, one-on-one.
Spread #04
32 pages | 66.2 мb.

Tags: Spread, Hope, Molly, No, Ravello
Ravello and his raiders on the one hand, the Church of the Risen God, on the other, is not, Hope and Molly in the middle. It probably will not end well.
Spread #03
33 pages | 59.5 мb.

Tags: Spread, Fat Jack, Hope, No
It's chow time at Fat Jack's Cannibal Café!
Spread #02
34 pages | 66.6 мb.

Tags: Spread, Hope, No
Raiders. Slavers. A gigantic Spreadworm. A hungry baby. No has problems.
Fantomex MAX #03
24 pages | 43.7 мb.

Tags: Fantomex MAX, Hope, Andrew, Crystal, Shawn, Francavilla, Francesco
Fantomex fight for his life against the deadly Kraken! EVA takes a new look ... and terrible understanding.And, that underlies object Shivas?
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