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The Adventures of Supergirl #06
After seeing Vril Dox locked up for his crimes against Winn, Kara thinks life in the DEO will get back to normal. Until the zombies attack.
The Adventures of Supergirl #05
Winn Schott’s battle against the alien hacker known as Vril Dox has taken a dangerous turn. Supergirl isn’t the kind of help he needs on this case, but where will he find an ally?
The Adventures of Supergirl #04
National City PD’s SWAT team raids the CatCo building-and they’ve come for Winn! Kara’s convinced her friend is no digital terrorist, but the evidence seems ironclad.
Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo (the creators behind the acclaimed best-selling graphic novel JOKER) deliver a bold story in which readers get a glimpse into the mind of Superman's longtime foe, published for the first time in hardcover – with new, additional story pages, sketch material and more! Collected from the 5-issue

Luthor (2010)

Publisher: DC
Adventures of Superman #36
As destroyer threatens to destroy everything that stands for Superman, Kal-El should come up with a plan to "kill" his new alter ego. "Destroyer" part 3 of 3.
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