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The Tithe #05
31 pages | 52.7 мb.

Tags: The Tithe, Dwayne, Jimmy, Samaritan
"ISLAMOPHOBIA," Part One. Dwayne, Jimmy, and Samaritan working together? Hypocrisy and prejudice reach an all-new level with more adrenaline-fueled heists!
Lola XOXO Vol.1 (TPB)
173 pages | 326.8 мb.

Tags: Lola XOXO, Conrad, Dwayne, Edgar, Kami, Lola Jones, Monarch
Collects Lola XOXO Vol. 1 № 1-6! In the "Wasteland", Lola, a young woman with a strengthened resolve to survive life on his own initiative, must travel to the US Nuclear destroyed in order to find a family that was taken from her! As she began her search for the truth, Lola reveals the true brutality of the Apocalypse, as those who seek to retain
Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #02
Michael, along with Tom, Kevin, and Shia decided to make a run for the car in the garage below the hotel. Meanwhile, Duane and Selena prevent a zombie attack from the pool. And the group is there a traitor among them while unlikely ally comes. Do not miss this incredibly over-the-top parody of zombie comics from Zenescope Entertainment!
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