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Challengers of the Unknown (Volume 2) 1-8 series
The second volume of the popular comic book publisher DC comics called "Challengers of the Unknown". Date of publication of comics - 1991.
Challengers of the Unknown (Volume 1) 1-87 series
The first volume of the popular comic book publisher DC comic book titled "Challengers of the Unknown". date of publication of comics - 1958-1987.
Last Days of the Justice Society of America
In 1986, DC decided to write off the Justice Society Of America from active continuity. A one-shot issue entitled, The Last Days of the Justice Society Special 1, involved most of the JSA battling the forces of evil, while merged with the Norse gods, in an ever-repeating Ragnarok-like Limbo. This fantastic story was written by Roy Thomas, with
Zombies The Cursed #1
22 pages | 24.7 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents, Zombies The Cursed
Ashley James Williams - the adventurer, the hero, the cashier. This time he has brought into the world, where costumed heroes are saving the world. But who will save them when the world is plunged into darkness and the undead army was coming? ..
Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land #02
Spend some time on an adventure into the magical world with two cute bunnies ... two fouls, drug use, butt naked bunnies who go on Adorably offensive, insulting and hilarious adventure! Your journey off color fun continues in Part 2 of this mixture Adventure time and underground Comix!
Crimson Society #01
33 pages | 22.6 мb.

Tags: Crimson Society, Action Lab, Jack Crimson, 2013
In the near future, supernatural beings live among the people in the world, but Crimson Jack finds his life as a werewolf disappointment, and wants nothing more than medicine. Desperate to get rid of this curse, he makes a series of decisions leading him down an unexpected path. The journey begins in what seems to be a way out, but instead leads
Zipper vs. Dominatrix Vol.1 (TPB)
Arcana Comics Comics and Simmons group is Lightning Vs Madam: the slave trade, collecting three exciting chapters in a single volume. Lightning and Madam, two creations straight from the mind of Gene Simmons, wrapped in the world of sex slaves and conspiracy. Can a foreigner and T & Agent work together long enough to save innocent lives?
Vincent Price Tales From the Darkness (TPB)
Gothic horror tradition of film icon Vincent Price revived in these twisted comic book one shot that transplant the best of the horror genre into innovative and bizarre landscapes for a new generation of Vincent Price fans. There are four floors in this gothic graphic novel featuring the mast itself horror! Make sure to keep the lights on when you
British Showcase Anthology Vol.1
148 pages | 193.3 мb.

Tags: British Showcase Anthology, 2013
The British are coming! Volume One Anthology of British Showcase has a collection of stories from some of the best indie talent and new creators working in the British comics industry. An unforgettable experience with this cover breaking collection of horror and science fiction, to intimidate and to please you.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures #4
At one point, realizing his dream of a small pencil sketch, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird pioneered the independent comics industry, having succeeded in his attempt to create a comic book. Printed on borrowed money is a limited edition, first issue comic book was even more relevant, and thus came into the story.
KISS Kids #3
23 pages | 32.5 мb.

Tags: KISS Kids, Celestial, Chikara, Demon, Starchild, 2013
It's back to school time for a kiss Kids! Children try to navigate a new school clothes, science fairs, and the evil twin robots, among other obstacles to Rockin 'all night and partyin' (after the NAP-time) all day ...
Critter #16
Heroes of the world to unite against Tidepool in the final battle ... Creature, but not among them.
The Fang (TPB)
81 pages | 100.3 мb.

Tags: The Fang, 2013
Sex and Violence Vol.1 (TPB)
Sex and Violence 64 of 1 page graphic novel about the crime, lust and redemption divided into two completely different stories with similar themes written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and drawn by Jimmy Broxton and Juan SantaCruz. Excessive nudity and violence makes this adults-only title.
Red Sonja (vol. 2) #5
39 pages | 38.7 мb.

Tags: Red Sonja, Gail Simone, Walter Geovani, 2013
Red Sonja, still recovering from her near-death test, leads a small group of rebels in a stealth war against the invasion armada and the Supreme Dealer of Death Dark Annisia returns to wreak havoc on a small group of allies, Sonia! Blood, lust and revenge surrounding Red Sonja, as she faces her ultimate enemy!


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