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Suicide Risk Vol.3 - Seven Walls and a Trap
With the last vestiges of hope completely extinguished, Leo Winters returns home ... but I want him home? Is it even possible to recognize who their more? And how far will cop turned superhero to go to protect your family ... and a number of award-winning author rassudok.Prodolzhayuschiysya Mike Carey (X-Men, unwritten) and fan favorite artist
Suicide Risk Vol.2 - Nightmare Scenario
NIGHTMARE conquers all With the true plan of the nightmare of the crew showed Leo Winters should test the limits of his growing power to stop them, but will this play right into their hands? Or it will cause an even greater tragedy than putting everything in one Leo in danger, trying to stop? Mike Carey (Lucifer, The Unwritten) and
Suicide Risk Vol.1 - Grudge War
Eisner Award nominated writer Mike Carey (Unwritten, X-MEN: LEGACY) brings its first original ongoing series boom! Studios! Heroes die, and police killed twice. Humanity is not sufficient in terms of their onslaught, and people suffer untold losses, trying to stop the flow. After barely surviving super-powered bank robbery gone terribly wrong,
Stalag-X - Blood War #01
27 pages | 53 мb.

Tags: Stalag-X - Blood War, Joe Human, Mengele
Vicious alien Krael not take prisoners ... and yet, Stalag-X exists; defeated warriors humanity herded together on the barren world of unknown purpose. One prisoner, Joe man remains a mystery to all, only that his fellow soldiers know about him is his last treacherous act. He "saved" them, gambling that he can cheat death, given enough time.
Smallville - Continuity #10
Superman defeated monitor, but what steps can it take to keep the universe safe from them in the future?
Silver Vol.1
111 pages | 125.3 мb.

Tags: Silver, James Finnigan, Stephan Franck
Expanding the universe of Bram Stoker's original fifty years hence, in the era of pulp 1930, SILVER introduces James Finnigan, witty, but (figuratively) heartless scam that aims to separate the living dead out of their precious silver. Personality conflicts, emotional entanglements and character comedy abound, as Finnigan assembles a team of
Satellite Sam Vol.1 - The Lonesome Death of Satellite Sam
Collects SATELLITE SAM # 1-5 NEW YORK, 1951: Star of the popular television show "Satellite Sam" is dead in the bunkhouse filled with dirty secrets. If his son can sober up, he might be able to figure out why in this noir mystery riddled with sex and violence in the seedy underbelly of the golden age of television. Matt Fraction (sex offenders,
Polarity Vol.1
122 pages | 210.1 мb.

Tags: Polarity, Tim Woods, Max Bemis
WHY WE LOVE IT: The combination of a very personal story with a completely fresh take on the nature of the superpowers had us hooked from the very beginning. Why you'll love it: Max Bemis not only incerdibly talented songwriter (and lead singer of Say Anything), but interesting, fresh voice in comics. Jorge Coelho delivers dynamic, expressive
Mr Peabody & Sherman (TPB)
107 pages | 141.6 мb.

Tags: Mr Peabody and Sherman, Peabody, Sherman
Back Jay Ward classic characters! Join the smart people in the world who happens to be a dog, Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman, on their first flight in a time travel machine WABAC!
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #01
Super-sized celebration of 75 years of Greatest Comics world! What happened that day, Marvel Universe was born? James Robinson and Chris Samnee is the answer! The legendary artist Bruce Timm adapts very first story Captain America Stan Lee ever wrote, from 1941! As Spider-Man battles the Kingpin, Peter Parker's friends -n- girls complain
Lucifer Fawkes - The Blind Ones
blind Cosmopolis, Washington, is one of the demons went metropolis "on the ground. It even has its own sphere of human devil walk. Lucifer Fox fights and looking for the devil for some time. His interest set on fire when the devil Gooseberries mesmerizing Catholic priests who worked at his anointing by the Custodian of ten years ago. Only
Lucifer Fawkes - Orcus Ex Machina
35 pages | 44.2 мb.

Tags: Lucifer Fawkes - Orcus Ex Machina, Ulf Imwiehe
Orc Ex Machina 666 hostages of their gorgeous dome.Nechestivy victim in the making. And the bomb ... One of the main advantages of only the richest of Cosmopolis "top, Fable Towers marks the peak of the evolutionary architecture and computer technology. Erect in the center of the city, this luxurious, skyscraping Beacon tomorrow populated
Lucifer Fawkes - Bloodflow
blood flow Lucifer Fawkes, the Guardian UK, hate the game. Demons and their ilk thrive on them. Man a little more than just a sport. Those that stand between man and demon; vampires and werewolves, demons, children and meta-natural thirst for parricide. Dr. Moses Fowler, a man-made vampire and genius, strikes a deal with the brother of the
Johnny Cash - I See a Darkness
220 pages | 105 мb.

Tags: Johnny Cash - I See a Darkness, Johnny Cash
Graphic biography of the most famous country singer of all time - the Man in Black. Covering cache lifetime of his early sessions with Elvis, through Folsom Prison record to his impressive comeback to his death. Now the best seller in the UK, throughout Europe and North America.
John Aman Amazing Man #01
How sharper Dragon Tooth part of one of the six John Aman and the mysterious Doctor Vampire attacking the nest of the undead when Sylvia Manners, Chief of Operations for the X-Desk --a shadow government agency that monitors the super-human activity comes with the bad news. Zoe Henderson - investigate and close friend of Haman - was missing. Last
Ghostbusters Vol.2
The smash-hit series continues continues in this second story arc! Thanks to the agreement, which they signed that Ghostbusters suspended Walter Peck from taking any work (without special permission) in New York. Ghostbusters skirt decree, taking a job in Schenectady. This is a simple haunted amusement park upstate, what could go wrong? Collects
Gate-way Vol.1 - A New World
112 pages | 147.9 мb.

Tags: Gate-way Vol.1 - A New World, Jake Ryan, Joe Halpin Sr.
In a surreal atmosphere where red sky is burning brightly and a blanket at night brings terror known only as Dark Souls, ex-cop Jake Ryan tries to make sense of his surroundings. Purgatory is a story that weaves a rich tapestry of loyalty, lust, intrigue and betrayal into beggars, thieves, murderers and priests all vie for power in a world that
Exterminite #01
28 pages | 46.2 мb.

Tags: Exterminite, Kylie, Nat
more monsters In the matter of the premiere, we are introduced to Kylie, headstrong woman trying to make ends meet in Cleveland. With recurring nightmare becomes too much to handle, she enlists the help of a strange man named Nat - just Nat, that's all. He has no further name with which to talk about. And Nat is a man who can kill nightmares.
Donarr the Unyielding
67 pages | 127.6 мb.

Tags: Donarr the Unyielding, Jim Hankins
In 2012, an alien prison ship rebellion freed thousands. While the keepers of the universe, the peacekeepers are fighting for control of the spacecraft, he crashed into the Earth's atmosphere, causing a mass extinction! Flash forward tysyacheletie.Razrushennoy world where people are struggling for survival against alien criminals there. Their only
Dead Letters Vol.1 - The Existential Op
WHY WE LOVE IT: Here at BOOM! Studios, crime in our blood. With our comics, and now a feature film 2 guns for critics of our series, we have always had a passion for all things noir. DEAD LETTERS is the next step in our study of the genre. Why you'll love it: The creators Christopher Sebela (ghost felony) and newcomer Chris Visions teamed up to


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