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The Terminator - Enemy of My Enemy #3
In 1984, Kyle Reese protected Sarah Connor from a cyborg that would stop at nothing to terminate her. In 1985, Skynet targets a scientist whose discoveries threaten its future, but this time there is no resistance fighter sent back to face it! With only enemies around her, what chance does Elise Fong stand against the perfect killing machine?
Scooby-Doo - Where Are You #45
Comic book series about the adventures of a cowardly dog Scooby-Doo and his faithful friends from the detective agency Corporation secrets.
Fables #140
In the first part of the two parts of "The Boys in the group , " we will return to some Scottish roots. So why did Peter Piper , Joe Shepherd , Puss in Boots and Briar Rose all on the way to Scotland ? Well, the team has to stick together , of course! When Danny Boy appears on the farm said Seamus time to go home , the group embarks on a journey
Batman Eternal #6
First Batman Eternal series was announced during the recent Comic-Con New York, where the publisher has shared information with fans about the new project . It was stated that will oversee the ongoing directly Scott Snyder, a team of writers and artists will be changed periodically . Such a rotation is a common practice for such weekly series. On
The Royals - Masters of War #04
As the royal family continues, the truce is broken due to the actions of the Prince Henry during the Battle of Britain! Now, Royals over the world are entering the second world war - including the oldest and most powerful of all, the immortal Emperor Jimmu of Japan. Meanwhile, Henry, Arthur and Rose travel to the United States to try to convince
Hellboy in Hell #6
After saving the world in a storm and fury, but sacrificing itself and for the honor of Great Britain, Hellboy is dead and thrown into Hell, where he finds a lot of familiar faces, and the throne, who was waiting for him.
Batman '66 #34
112 pages | 69.9 мb.

Tags: Batman '66 Batman Dick Grayson Shame
Batman and Robin hit the dusty trail to track down the six-firing Sidewinder, shame. He went to rob a train. Can the Dynamic Duo stop it in its tracks?
Astro City #12
26 pages | 54.3 мb.

Tags: Astro City Confessor Samaritan Winged Victory
Winged Victoria Samaritan and Confessor remove villain targeting her - and then she has to face the rain. It will be the most famous super heroine Astro City survive? Do not miss the grand finale of this four-part epic!
Abe Sapien #12
26 pages | 44.5 мb.

Tags: To the Last Man Abe Sapien Abe Sapien comics
A century ago, paranormal investigator Edward Grey fought and destroyed a powerful warlock off the island of Saint Sebastian. In the early 1980s, the B.P.R.D.'s newest agent was sent to retrieve the warlock's remains. But Abe Sapien is ill prepared for the supernatural forces that block his way. Written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, and
Star Wars #17
24 pages | 20.6 мb.

Tags: Star Wars Star Wars new Star Wars
It began with the mysterious pyramid ships--the Tho Yor--scattered to the eight corners of the galaxy, and ended with the establishment of an Order that would change the universe forever. Here's your first look at the Star Wars of 25,000 years ago--before there were lightsabers, when the ties to the Force were new, and before the Jedi spread out
Teen Titans Go!  FCBD Special Edition #1
When Starfire team signed up for the popular reality show, "Jump City Got Your Talent right here!" Robin becomes obsessed to show the world how talented these Teen Titans really are!
Green Lantern Corps #31
27 pages | 52.4 мb.

Tags: Green Lantern Corps Green Lantern Corps
Guy Gardner and John Stewart are trying to live a "normal" life, as other members of the corps. Meanwhile, someone kills the green light, to find out who is doing it to be with John Guy and their small team.
Superboy #31
They thought it was just a failed experiment. Just a mixture of human DNA and kriptontsa. But when his powers manifested, he became a deadly weapon by the name Superboy. A brand new series about Superboy starts here! Witness the amazing adventures of the Man of steel! After all, a quiet town of Smallville where harbors more secrets than it seems

Superboy #31 (2014)

Publisher: DC
Superman - Doomed #1
Superman turns into an incredible monster Superdoom, when the virus capture Doomsday body and mind Kal-El. Superdum will be the most powerful being in the world, and nobody can escape from its immense strength and fury. Will Superman find a cure for his new status when monster of steel fully mastered it, or someone else will come to his aid?
Action Comics #31
26 pages | 44 мb.

Tags: Action Action Comics Geoff Johns
Faster! Stronger than a locomotive! With one bound he was able to reach the top of a skyscraper! Who is he, this mysterious young man, riding through the streets of Metropolis? A mysterious crime fighter and protector of innocents. The police are at a loss, the military head-on ... Who is the hero? It's Superman!
The Amazing Spider-Man - Who Am I Infinite
With Peter Parker recently returned seemingly turned to a life of crime, what does this mean for the hero, once known as the Amazing Spider-Man?
The Tick - Free Comic Book Day
This FCBD, NEC Press offers fans --- both old and new! --- Full-color 32-page comic book with a brand new FULL-LENGTH Tick stories! Plus all the exciting new features backup as well. "Day at the Beach" starts innocently enough for the tick, Arthur, bumbling Bee & his friends --- until Tick meets invasion force under the sea! The story is sure to
Defend Comics (FCBD)
32 pages | 34.8 мb.

Tags: Defend Comics Mark Evanier CBLDF
For over 25 years, Comic Legal Defense Fund has fought to defend their right to read, and this year we present our mission Free Comic Book Day, with a light-hearted look at a serious subject. Learn censorship comics with some of the most talented creators!
Castle - Richard Castle's Storm Season (GN)
Continued critics , Deadly Storm bestselling graphic novel Richard Castle ! This " adaptation" of Derrick Storm's second novel , a private detective hired to bug African heads of state hotel room - but the procedure is the mission quickly spirals out of control when the storm terrible overhears a woman scream on the wire. Exhausted helpless
Castle - A Calm Before Storm (GN)
Adaptation based on the hit ABC show Castle continue as Derrick Storm grisly discovery draws him into an international spectacle! Who is the fear? What does he want with Derrick ? And why his father Derrick next on his list of hit? As the international situation in New York continues to deteriorate , Derrick turns to the only person who can help
Castle - Richard Castle in Deadly Storm (GN)
This "adaptation" of the first adventure novel Derrick Storm takes our hero from the sandy world of the private eye all the way to the planet on the island intrigue of the CIA. Preparations for the first real Derrick Storm adventure. Derrick Storm has its own graphic novel. It is an adaptation of the first novel of the Storm, which takes him from


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