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Lobo Mask #01-02 Complete
2 issues pages | 53.4 мb.

Tags: Lobo Mask, Lobo, The Mask, Aliens, Bounty Hunter, Crossover, Magic
Lobo hired and sent to earth to kill the "final Bastich", which destroyed the entire solar system. On his journey, he finds a mask and Togther they try to find the killer.
Kirby Genesis - Dragonsbane #01-04 Complete
Spinning out of the epochal events of KIRBY: GENESIS comes the saga of Sigurd Dragonsbane, the greatest champion in all Valhalla. Since time immemorial tales of his adventures have resounded throughout the halls of gods and men . But what happens when Sigurd and his colleagues -wise Balduur, dashing Honir, and caustic Heimdall - discover that
Kirby - Genesis - Captain Victory #01-06 Complete
Mysterious soldier known as Captain Victory leads an elite group of intergalactic rangers through the mysterious and deadly cosmos, fighting against the forces set on the destruction of life itself! But who is this man and what he wants? The deadliest battle Captain Victory and his men have ever fought begins!
Iron Man - Fatal Frontier #04
Iron Man: Moon Sheriff! After being rescued from the drummer, Tony finds himself responsible for a new city on the moon! But the past will come back to haunt him and Tony to condemn the new society?
DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition
2012 Free Comic Book Day offering DC Comics', written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by the best artists, Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Gene Ha, and Kenneth Rocafort. This question raises events in the near future to come to DC Universe, while talking about the mysterious origin of the story of Pandora, a woman who has merged several universes at the end of
Catwoman - Selina's Big Score
In this fast-paced , cinematic adventure , Catwoman learns that like everything else in life , loyalty has its price. Presumed dead and no cash, Catwoman must find a way to make a quick score to establish themselves in Gotham again. Learning about the train loaded with unmarked cash headed to Canada , sultry cat burglar gathers old friends and
Archie's MadHouse Collection
Missing #37,45,50,58,62,64,65,66,68,105,106,109,110,111,112,113,114,116,119,124 issues.
Hulk 2099 (complete series 1-10)
10 issues pages | 64 мb.

Tags: Hulk, Hulk 2099, 2099, Marvel
The Hulk 2099, like his namesake, was one of the strongest characters in his fictional universe; and also like the original, the strength of the character would increase with his emotional state. His baseline strength is 150 tons and he is nearly invulnerable. In addition, Hulk 2099 had a high level of speed and stamina, a healing factor, and
Ghost Rider 2099 (complete series 1-26)
26 issues pages | 223 мb.

Tags: Ghost Rider 2099, Ghost Rider, 2099, Marvel
In 2099 the Marvel universe is very different. The future counterparts of today's characters are much darker than the personas they have adopted from their predecessors. That is no different for Ghost Rider. In a dystopian possible future of the Marvel Universe, and features Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane, a hacker who was killed but resurrected as the
Savage Wolverine #15
Part 2 of 2! Hunting Wolverine leads him to Madripoor, where he makes a shocking discovery. Guest starring role Kitty Pryde
Uncanny X-Men #17
25 pages | 35.6 мb.

Tags: Uncanny X-Men, Magneto, Brian Michael Bendis
Magneto reaches the intersection. Everything he fought for is being questioned, and he was forced to make a decision that will change him forever!
Nova #13 NOW
24 pages | 44.3 мb.

Tags: Nova, Sam Alexander, Gerry Duggan
Hot on the trail of the missing body Nova, Nova, and manages to save the life of some new friends in deep space.
Iron Man Annual #1
33 pages | 56 мb.

Tags: Iron Man Annual, Iron Man, Annual, Iron Man comics
RED PERIL investigating Troy Stark boy - and for the explosion of technology and finds the truth about the city. Tony explores the Mandarins, and finds a meeting of exile, red danger and ... MANDARIN Lord. Last day of the Arno in Iron Lung.
Gold Digger #208
25 pages | 25.1 мb.

Tags: Gold Digger, Ayane Anno, Gina Diggers
This series will tell you about the adventures of Gina Babette Digger, archaeologist, teacher, adventurer, botany, accompanied by his family, friends, students and acquaintances she explores the strange and ancient history of the world hidden from the broad masses of people. If you like a mixture of the universe of magic and science fiction is
Captain America #17
22 pages | 39.1 мb.

Tags: Captain America, Falcon, Iron Nail, Nuke, Redwing
LOOSE NUKE PART 4 Falcon and Captain America in the fight of his life! Revenge takes the form of an iron nail. No more greed. No more pollution. No more than you. No more for me. Hence, there is only us! What is the true mission of Nuke '? What's this have to do with the program minus the weapons?
Birds of Prey #28
23 pages | 40.2 мb.

Tags: Birds of Prey, Black Canary, Christy Marx, 2014
Black Canary: ZERO YEAR! Well, it is certainly, Batman: ZERO YEAR tie in question, as we look at a turning point in the history of the Black Canary! Do not miss the killer mystery men and ancient evil in Gotham City!
Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck #04
Origin Lieutenant Starbuck continues, said number 1 New York Times bestselling author Tony Lee! Framed for a murder he did not commit, Starbuck is forced on the run with only Apollo beside him, while Adam profits help against Osiris trader named Baltar ...
Batman and Two-Face #28
The origin of Two-Face continues! Batman gets in the crossfire of the war between the vengeful Two-Face and Erin McKillen! Both Hellbent killing each other and anyone who dares to step between them.
Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #09
Before Godzilla was king, there was one! King Caesar makes his comic debut in a fairy tale set thousands of years in Earth's past, in a battle that sets the stage for today's world of monsters.
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #36
Dey tries to save a young girl that has been placed in her care while tirelessly killer tries to kill them both. The race for survival takes them into the heart of one of the darkest areas of Barsoom where they encounter hordes of hostile creatures!


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