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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #29
Once an immigrant from Japan Hamato Yoshi bought pets - four turtles. But under the influence of mutagen Yoshi turned into polukrysu-polucheloveka Splinter and turtles grew to enormous size and acquired human traits and qualities. Underground in a sewer pipe, Splinter raised them as his own sons by teaching discipline, philosophy and martial arts
Samurai Jack #3
23 pages | 40.4 мb.

Tags: Samurai Jack, Samurai Jack comics, Samurai
The history of comics leads the viewer in the XVI century, in Japan. At the beginning of the century the evil demon named Aku attacks on the capital of Japan, destroying everything in its path. Then the emperor asked the three wise men who have a mystical gift, to forge a magic sword, endowed with the forces of good. The emperor fought with Aku,
Justice League of Americas Vibe #10
22 pages | 40 мb.

Tags: Justice League, Americas Vibe, Americas, Vibe
No, that's not a typo. Vibe stars in his own ongoing monthly title, starting with this debut issue cowritten by GEOFF JOHNS! One of the most unlikely members of the Justice League of America ever (okay, THE most unlikely) will soon discover he's one of the most powerful individuals on Earth. But how did Vibe get his abilities? What is the cost to
The Strain - The Fall #6
26 pages | 36.6 мb.

Tags: The Strain - The Fall, The Strain, The Fall
Publisher Dark Horse has taken on the adaptation of the first novel trilogy "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. We remind you that the books dealt with the terrible virus outbreak of vampirism, very quickly. No snotty vampire boys and vampire girls. Ohochuschie only to human blood monsters.
Lady Rawhide #3
25 pages | 58.6 мb.

Tags: Lady Rawhide, Lady, Rawhide, Lady Rawhide comics
How Old Mexico is crushed under the weight of corruption and tyranny, Lady Rawhide - outlaw champion of the oppressed - discovers that she is not fighting in odinochku.Gruppa vigilantes took her fight, but their ruthless methods can place them all in the gun sights of a new deadly enemy ...
Empowered (Volume 8)
209 pages | 273.7 мb.

Tags: Empowered, Nine Beers with Ninjette, Empowered Special
TERRORPIN! POWERPACHYDERM! Brass Monkey! Cyberian Tiger! SuperCobra! Like BUNNY! Maybe fighting superheroine Power disrupt massive car theft these animals armored crimebots 21 th Annual Alternative Superhero Auto Show Timeline? Can extremely flimsy "supersuit" overcome the enemy fourteen tons of heavy metal? This futuristic new single Power says
S.H.O.O.T. First #3
Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration led a task force to Egypt to take on terrorist groups and their monstrous defender! But this is one battle that SHOOT can not hope to win, and when the dust settles, the team will never be the same, and the identity of the traitor is revealed!
Never Ending #2
26 pages | 42.4 мb.

Tags: Never Ending, Never Ending comics, Never, Ending
Download comics Never Ending 2 series
Kiss Me, Satan #4
24 pages | 45.2 мb.

Tags: Kiss Me Satan, Gischler, Ferreyra, Dark Horse, 2013
Kiss Me, Satan #4 and Marvel comics, DC comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse comics, Valiant Universe comics, Vertigo, Boom comics, Oni press, Archaia, Kaboom, DYNAMITE ENTERTAI
Dark Horse Presents #31
82 pages | 144.9 мb.

Tags: Dark Horse Presents, Dark Horse comics
Mini series of issues begins back in 1986, Dark Horse. The purpose of these publications has been in advertising unknown artists. Collection of diverse and quite fit, probably almost everyone. Each story is made in black-and-white graphics. It should also be noted that the company as such, started from that magazine. That it goes "Mask" from Mark
Buzzkill #4
25 pages | 59.6 мb.

Tags: Buzzkill, Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Mark Reznicek, 2013
Attempting to Ruben Twelve Steps recovery stalls before it starts, as an army of super-villains, led by his old Nemesis Brutal Juice, collects against him. But the drunken superhero will not give up. . . and before this bloody question until the end, one of them will admit to a higher power. Thanks to Henry teleportation Goat! Cowritten by
Criminal Macabre - The Eyes of Frankenstein #4
According to the author's suggestion Mo'Lock, Cal visit Jason Hemlock, flashy, rich entertainer who claims that the world's foremost authority on the supernatural. Cal thinks he's a fake, but Hemlock can help them. He is a surgeon who can fix the eyes of Frankenstein's monster, and possibly decide the vampire population. An ideal starting point
Bloodhound - Crowbar Medicine #3
Download comics Bloodhound - Crowbar Medicine 3 series
Captain Midnight #6
New comics titled "Captain Midnight #6". Download the first all-new comics from popular publishers such as: Marvel, DC, Image, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse, Valiant Universe, Vertigo, Boom, Oni press, Archaia, Kaboom, DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT and others. 111 and other comics you'll find only at our site
Star Wars - Legacy #10
After the death of Palpatine and Vader's New Jedi Order Luke Skywalker became an authorized representative of the world in the galaxy. Imperial remnants made ​​their peace with the New Republic. However, the world was destroyed by the invasion of the galaxy Yuuzhan Vong. Republic collapsed, but in its place came the Galactic Union, which merged
The Massive #18
24 pages | 18.7 мb.

Tags: The Massive, The Massive comic
After the great war that has deeply unsettled the ecology of the Earth, the trawler "Capital" crisscrossing the ocean in search of the missing ship. Commanded them captain Callum Israel, a man dedicated ocean and restore the ecological balance. On his way he and his team will meet and pirates and rebels and thieves and murderers.
Sledgehammer 44 - Lightning War #2
24 pages | 18.5 мb.

Tags: Sledgehammer, 44, Lightning War, Sledgehammer comics
August 1944: a man in a suit of iron armor drops from an American warplane onto a French battlefield, where he attempts to fight his way through an army of Nazis and the massive war machine they keep protected in an armory.
Conan the Barbarian #23
Nature endowed him with force. The death of his father made him furious. Great Cimmerian warrior Conan goes on a long journey to take revenge for the blood of his family. But the quest that begins as a personal vendetta, will soon turn into an epic battle with the supernatural, enslave the people of the great Hyboria. Cimmerian warrior - the last


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