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Rachel Rising #25
26 pages | 36.1 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising, Rachel Beck, Terry Moore
Spring has come to Manson and opinions of people are turning to love, but Rachel did not know who to trust until you find the person who killed her and left her in a shallow grave. Unfortunately, in a city like Manson, she finds more suspects than allies. This issue begins a new storyline in the critically acclaimed series by Terry Moore.
Bad Dreams #01
23 pages | 30.5 мb.

Tags: Bad Dreams, Gary Winnick
With one of the creators of Maniac Mansion Lucasfilm comes lavishly illustrated twisted tale of imagination reflected on the classic fairy tale tradition. When Mother Night goes missing, it is slowly losing their minds from lack of sleep. A strange group of misfits Dreamworld must unite to find it.
Atomic Robo Vol.9 - Knights of the Golden Circle #01
There was an explosion of some crystals, many benches, and several nuclear warheads. Also, crazy time travel dinosaur. Now it's 1884 and Atomic Robo against the notorious "Butcher Boys. 'The fate of the West is in danger, but can Atomic Robo save the day before its nuclear fuel is exhausted?
What If Age Of Ultron #05
24 pages | 46.1 мb.

Tags: What If Age Of Ultron, Hank Pym, Joe Keatinge
Avengers INFINITY! What if Hank Pim Altron never created at all? Can the world survive without Altron Altron world without weapons of their own, and now Avenger, vision? Can the idea of ​​the Avengers survive without each other? In the darkest of all realities, can ever hope Avengers Assemble?
Uncanny Avengers Annual #01
The first appearance of the Avengers supernatural! When Mojoverse producers can not make a hit series they call for a new Mojo gather all creepy Avengers! Can Strange Avengers survive the wrath that will start the spirit of revenge?
Uber #12
30 pages | 45.2 мb.

Tags: Uber, Kieron Gillen, Gabriel Andrade
Kieron Hyllen war changed the face of comics forever with the introduction of Uber. After the world-changing events of the previous issue, it's different. How true power of battleships just settle in, Uber Year II begins with a deeper look at some of the players left standing. This arc of unimaginable atrocities illustrated by Gabriel (Ferals)

Uber #12 (2014)

Publisher: Avatar
The X-Files - Season 10 #11
24 pages | 25 мb.

Tags: The X-Files, Season 10, X-Files, X-Files Season 10
The X-Files - a comic book series, published by IDW comics by the eponymous television series Chris Carter.
Super! #04
33 pages | 59.6 мb.

Tags: Super, unlikely heroes studios
Shadowman - End Times #01
34 pages | 43.9 мb.

Tags: Shadowman - End Times, Shadowman, Peter Milligan
End time now! Master storyteller Peter Milligan Shadowman pushed to the edge - but Jack Boniface can survive the plunge? Jack thought he finally fixed his life - and the source of his dark power. However, when a figure from the past comes from disturbing revelations about his fate, new Shadowman plummet into the abyss far darker than any demon.
Amazing Spider-Man #01
The greatest super hero of all time is back! The world may change after Man no more, but so is Peter Parker. This is a man with a second chance in life and he is not wasting a minute of it. Same Parker Luck, the new Parker attitude. "! Spiderman" Enter "friendly" back in the area, "hero" back in "super hero" and "amazing" back in addition,
The Flash Annual #3
41 pages | 71.1 мb.

Tags: The Flash, Annual, The Flash Annual
Flash has the ability to develop a supersonic speed and use superhuman reflexes, which violates several laws of physics. So far, there are four characters who have the ability to super speeds and performed under the name Flash: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen-2007, 2009-present). Before you put on a suit, Flash, Bart Allen and
My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic #18
Literary madness continues Bookworm digs deeper into favorite books pony! As more stories come to life, our only chance to save the day pony have to write their own version of a fairy tale! Their cooperation can get on the same page? Read on!
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #12
First exciting issue of the new, ongoing adventures of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!While the Masters of the Universe mourn the loss of a fallen friend, Hordak infiltrates Eternia!Featuring the return of She-Ra! Now known as Despara, the most lethal weapon in Hordak?? army, she returns to Eternia as He-Man?? newest enemy
Ghostbusters #15
End of the year is a busy time for most businesses, and Ghostbusters are no exception. Surrounded on all sides by a surge of activity in this spectral especially busy season, they are looking forward to a little break once the new year hits. But recent supernatural symptoms shown a city that does not sleep come to mind, and the boogeyman come to
X-Force #04
24 pages | 40.6 мb.

Tags: X-Force, Cable, E.V.A, Fantomex, Marrow, MeMe, Psylocke
X-Force goes head to head with superhuman Black Ops Team France! But there will be a resident of X-Force in French Fantomeks spoil the mission your teammates? "
Wolverine Vol.6 #05
23 pages | 37.6 мb.

Tags: Wolverine, Doop, Fuel, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Krakoa, Lost Boy
ASSASSINS collect! Logan faces its most terrible threat yet - no healing factor to protect it. Gerardo Sandoval (CABLE & X-FORCE) joins team All-New Marvel Now smash-hit!
Avengers #28
Call of twenty-eight issues in the making, and Bruce Banner puts everything together and confronts Iron Man ...
All-New X-Men #26
20 pages | 35.6 мb.

Tags: All-New X-Men, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey
BROTHERHOOD FUTURE back! This does not mean good things for the last X-Men!
V-Wars #1
26 pages | 47.4 мb.

Tags: V-Wars, V-Wars comics, IDW, 2014 comics

V-Wars #1 (2014)

Publisher: IDW
Trekker - The Train to Avalon Ba
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