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Amy Devlin Mystery - Past Lies Vol.1
Co-author of Avalon Chronicle and play ball and artist wasteland! Amy Devlin might not be licensed private investigator, but it did not stop her from playing one on the internet! But the thing she is going to find itself on no games. Trevor shock was eccentric millionaire obsessed with reincarnation until his assassination in 1980. Now Tim
All-New X-Men Vol.5 - One Down
124 pages | 230.9 мb.

Tags: All-New X-Men Vol.5 - One Down, Wolverine, Wong, X-23, Xavier, Zabu
The future of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, last seen in "Battle of the Atom," is back - and they're still hunting for yesterday's X-Men! But even in the Brotherhood takes its next step devastating against time threw adolescent mysteries surrounding Jean Grey begin to unfold! Jean returned from her trial Shi'ar ... different. What does this
100 Bullets - Book One
The first of five oversized, hardcover collections of Eisner-winning 100 BULLETS collects issues # 1-19 of the series of crimes! In the first chapters, Dizzy Cordova, a Latina gangbanger, who has just finished a prison sentence, gets the chance to avenge the murder of her family, ia downtrodden bartender receives the opportunity to take revenge
Starman (Volume 2) #81
27 pages | 29.2 мb.

Tags: Starman, Starman comics, DC comics, Starman vol 2
Richard Swift, aka Shade - a former supervillain, now one of the allies of the new Starman, Opal City defender. Immortal nobleman and master of shadows, conducting their days drinking tea with his friend and obnimankami with his girlfriend. But suddenly a mysterious and dark secret from his past again seeks escape. However, for it is only a
She-Hulks (1-4 series + Sensational) Complete
5 issues pages | 97.1 мb.

Tags: She-Hulks, She-Hulks comics, Hulk, She-Hulks Sensational
Cousin Bruce Banner lawyer Jennifer Walters was the daughter of Sheriff Morris Walters. Agent Nicholas Trask, a crime boss, whose paths crossed with her father, shot and seriously wounded her when Bruce was in town. Bruce gave her a blood transfusion, as only he could become a donor; because of the radioactive blood mutated Jennifer as it was with
Patsy Walker - Hellcat (1-5 series) Complete
5 issues pages | 74.4 мb.

Tags: Patsy Walker - Hellcat, Patsy Walker, Hellcat, Patsy Walker comics
This is the story of Patsy Walker - Hellcat, a charming girl and stunning superheroine. Iron Man sends Patsy to Alaska to investigate and find out what the mysterious things happening there. But it seems no force Hellcat can not do ...
Morlocks (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 27.8 мb.

Tags: Morlocks, Morlocks comics, marvel
Morlocks - the underground community of mutants living near New York in the sewers, "Morloktaune." Mostly people who are persecuted for their appearance at the Morlocks have no desire to be a part of human society, until recently, Saw down on groups like the X-Men, "all your favorite" surface mutants. Believing that the war between mutants and
Jubilee (1-6 series) Complete
6 issues pages | 55.7 мb.

Tags: Jubilee, Jubilee comics, Join Jubilee
Dzhubileyshen Lee was born and raised in Beverly Hills. Her parents were wealthy Chinese immigrants. Naturally, the parents send her daughter to an elite school, where sports activities Jubilee showed outstanding ability of the gymnast. In adolescence, the girl began to show unusual abilities, as streams of colored sparks. These are capable of
Jade Redemption (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 80.5 мb.

Tags: Jade Redemption, Jade Redemption comics, Chaos
Chaos! Comics was a comic book publisher that operated until 2002. Nominated by Diamond Comic Distribution as New Publisher of the Year in 1994,[citation needed] Chaos! consistently ranked as a top ten comic book publisher in North America since 1995.
The Amazing World of Gumball #04
Gumball has to deal with the Summertime Blues. It was all fun and games after the first, but now he has to deal with the summer worse enemy: boredom! It's up to Darwin to cheer his friend before the blues began to infect all on their summer vacation.
Spike - Lost and Found
51 pages | 33.4 мb.

Tags: Spike - Lost and Found, Angel, Cordelia, Doyle, Gunn, Harmony
History of the Second Pearl Amarra. There's a vampire preying on the citizens of Los Angeles, is nothing new for Spike and company, do not you? Only one problem: the attacks occur in broad daylight! Spike and Angel are trying to track down the culprit, Spike is struggling with something even more unexpected - his own guilt. Spike can put aside
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol.2
This is the second volume of our Buffy omnibus series collects many of the best Buffy comics to see print. As we follow the newly chosen Slayer from Los Angeles to Sunnydale and through her parents' divorce - with Dawn in tow - in souled vampire Angel makes his first appearance and not as Spike and Drusilla animate cleave a bloody path kthe West
Angel & Faith Vol.1 - Live Through This
Angel made a bad choice in my life. Most recently? While possessed, he killed Giles. Nevertheless, he believes that he has found a way to make amends, by bringing the Watcher from the grave! Cue Faith - rebel Slayer, and Angel's only ally - who only supports this harebrained scheme to save her friend from catatonia. New threats emerge as this
Collection Marvel (05.11.2014, week 44)
14 comics pages | 733.2 мb.

Tags: Collection, Marvel, 05.11.2014, week 44
Collection Marvel Comics for 05.11.2014 (44 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Spider-Verse Team-Up #01 2. Miracleman #13 3. Hulk #08 4. Deadpool's Art of War #02 5. The Dark Tower - The Drawing Of The Three - The Prisoner #04 6. Death of Wolverine - Life After Logan #01 7. Men of Wrath #02 8. Avengers & X-Men - Axis #04 9. Death of


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