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The Vampire Diaries #28
Stefan Salvatore is the main suspect in a horrible murder fan! Damon will influence to keep him out of trouble, or place it firmly in danger?
Legend of Oz - The Wicked West #18
Field mice mark their game to keep the overall Jinjur produce terrible Nome King from his underground prison.
Batman '66 (Volume 1)
174 pages | 298.2 мb.

Tags: Batman '66, Batman, Dick Grayson, Shame
Batman and Robin hit the dusty trail to track down the six-firing Sidewinder, shame. He went to rob a train. Can the Dynamic Duo stop it in its tracks?
Scribblenauts Unmasked - A Crisis of imagination #13
As the forces of anti-Monitor continues to grow, the tension in the world are beginning to mount as the heroes of the world gather in the Fortress of Solitude.
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #08
Is Titans Tower with ghosts? Robin calls in some expert - but when Scooby, Shaggy, Cyborg, and Beast Boy to stop chowing down on pizza and start looking for clues?
Mass Effect - Foundation #11
Jacob and Miranda's mission takes a deadly turn as the duo find themselves in a vicious gun sights batarian warlord! Mass Effect 2 and 3, the main author of Mac Walters continues spectacular series set during the events of the blockbuster science-fiction trilogy from BioWare! Canonical entry in the universe Mass Effect! Mass Effect 3 was the
Justice League Beyond 2.0 #21
The shocking truth about Lord Batman's death is revealed.
Jirni vol.2 #1
26 pages | 62.3 мb.

Tags: Jirni, Aspen MLT, Ara, Luna, J.T. Krul, 2014
Take the incredible JIRNI with the latest series of the hit Aspen ! In a big city on the edge of the world, Ara finally finds her mother , Moon . But to find it and save it are two very different things - especially with an army of royal guards , destructive d' jinn and the evil witch in her way. It's all been leading up to this , as opposed to
Infinite Crisis - Fight for the Multiverse #03
What starts as a routine investigation into the burglary leads Batman to top space adventure. 52 worlds fate hangs in the balance!
Hit List (Volume 1) TPB
158 pages | 277.4 мb.

Tags: Hit List, Zenescope, Hit List tpb, TPB
The Hit List is growing as new members of the House of Bishops Brown fall to the mysterious crew of killers. But a wrench thrown into the mix, and Ryan continues to play with ognem.Priznanie, heart-pounding, fast-paced action / thriller series from Zenescope Entertainment continues!
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Godstorm Age Of Darkness
Download comics Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Godstorm Age Of Darkness
Vampirella Vol.2 #01
32 pages | 32.1 мb.

Tags: Vampirella, Chaos, Lady Umbra
In HOLIDAY shadows in the first six parts of the Virgin SHADOWS story arc . Vampirella sent the Vatican to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl and Ethan Shroud of Chaos cultists , only to become a central part of the ritual , calling Lady Umbra, sister - bride of Chaos, which leaves her marked as a living sacrifice to the dark goddess who
Princess Ugg #01
29 pages | 61.6 мb.

Tags: Princess Ugg, Princess Ülga, Ted Naifeh
New series Courtney Crumrin by Ted Naifeh! A fabulous empire by Atraesca Lie prestigious Princess Academy, where the young royal family members from all five of the Empire COME up to get education. But they Yarns never seen, as the princess Ulga Grimmeria. Vooruživšisʹ Topor and sword, riding her Morale mamont through GORODSKIE gate, Ulga přišel
Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files - War Cry #01
Four months have passed since the events depicted in Dead Beat, The New York Times - bestselling Jim Butcher's seventh novel in the series Dresden Files. War rages between the forces of the Red Court vampires and the White Council - War wizards lose . So desperate are the Council that they dragooned experienced and outcast , to strengthen their
Chaos #02
33 pages | 74 мb.

Tags: Chaos, Chastity, Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Rip, Voodoo Childe
Hunting for a selected children to raise the dead in search of Evil Ernie. Chastity rebels against Purgatori, which leads to the vampire catfight to end all Catfights vampires.
The Maxx - Maxximized #8
20 pages | 37 мb.

Tags: The Maxx - Maxximized, Julie Winters, Maxx
Second edition of the classic series in MAXX Sam Kieth continues with all pages completely re-scan the original art of Sam and new livery, which is under the control of the creator. For longtime fans, this fully remastered version of the classic whimsical Kieth is truly a new look at an old and cherished friend. For those who are just new to the
Collection Marvel (04.06.2014, week 22)
19 comics pages | 864.7 мb.

Tags: Collection, Marvel, 04.06.2014, week 22
Collection Marvel Comics for 04.06.2014 (22 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. New Warriors #05 2. Black Widow #07 3. All-New X-Factor #09 4. Painkiller Jane - The 22 Brides #01 5. Original Sin #03 6. Miracleman #07 7. The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12 8. Iron Man #27 9. Avengers World #07 10. Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #02
Collection DC - The New 52 (04.06.2014, week 22)
14 issues pages | 629.4 мb.

Tags: Collection DC, The New 52, DC comics, 0-Day Releases, new dc comics
Collection DC Comics for 04.06.2014 (22 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Action Comics #32 2. Aquaman And The Others #3 3. Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet #2 4. Batman Eternal #9 5. Batwing #32 6. Earth 2 #24 7. Green Arrow #32 8. Green Lantern #32 9. Justice League 3000 #7 10. Looney Tunes #219 11. New 52 Futures End #5 12. Swamp


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