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The Dark Crystal #01-02 Complete
2 issues pages | 71.8 мb.

Tags: The Dark Crystal Aughra Fizzgig Jen Kira
Start quest. At the mystical world of tra young Gelfling (little elf race) considers himself the last of its kind. Raised with a child on the mystics, a dying race, but reduced to ten members, gentle wizards natural forces of the world counterbalance the evil Skeksis, race neck-reptilian monsters and dying, also reduced to ten members, The fate of
Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal - Creation Myths Vol.2
Great Pair hand in this dramatic second volume of the trilogy and Archaia Jim Henson Company's prequel graphic novel telling of the origin of the Dark Crystal. Aughra, tra favorite keeper, had gone into hiding, and her son, Raunip, leads a team of emissaries to the Crystal Castle. There they will testify as visiting Urskeks try to use a
Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal - Creation Myths Vol.1
Why we love it: We love to be able to tell stories in the worlds created by Jim Henson and little is ripe for visual storytelling, as a great world Centre and The Dark Crystal. We are pleased to present the first volume of a prequel series New York Times sold in paperback for the first time. Why you'll love it: This is the official prequel to the
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