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X-Files Classics Vol.1
223 pages | 558.5 мb.

Tags: X-Files Classics, Mulder, Scully
The truth is ... here! Team up with Mulder and Scully as they unravel the mysteries only seen in comics! This first collection includes stories such as "Not to be opened before X-Mas", "Firebird", "trepanation Opera", "Silent Cities of the Mind" and many more. Collects X-Files # 1-9.
Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #10
24 pages | 23.9 мb.

Tags: Godzilla Rulers Of Earth, Godzilla, Lucy, Matt Frank
With many monsters are now living in a new home, the world seems to be coming down to Earth. A little does humanity to realize that the greatest danger is hiding beneath the waves! Lucy and Kaiju figure will have to act quickly to determine the nature of the new threat!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - New Animated Adventures #09
This question has two stunning Turtle Tales! At first, the robot head of the metal begins to act very strangely. When the Turtles try to fix it, the dispute between Raph and Don could bring the entire day to go awry! The second story details the striking new black eye authenticity Raf author!
The Transformers - Dark Cybertron Finale
In the near future people will recognize that there are machines with a reasonable intellect, capable of transformation. "Alive" robots are divided into two races - the Autobots and the Decepticons, who are galactic war since their inception. Now the object of their contention was the Great artifact spark capable if misused to destroy the galaxy.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #1
Evil Leader (Fearless Leader) wants to force America to make him president, and protein Rocky, Bullwinkle moose and FBI agent Karen Sympathy trying to stop him. Angry Leader uses channel RBTV and hypnotizing your device for the American people. Do saviors just a few hours to stop the Leader.
The Wraith - Welcome To Christmasland #5
Joe Hill's New York Times best-selling novel, NOS4A2, introduced readers to the world of a terrible curve Christmasland and crazy man who ruled there: Charlie Isle of Man Talent III. Now, the new original comedy series, Hill throws wide the gates candy say a special history, which both accessible to new readers, and be sure to please fans of the
Ghostbusters #14
End of the year is a busy time for most businesses, and Ghostbusters are no exception. Surrounded on all sides by a surge of activity in this spectral especially busy season, they are looking forward to a little break once the new year hits. But recent supernatural symptoms shown a city that does not sleep come to mind, and the boogeyman come to
G.I. Joe #14
22 pages | 35.9 мb.

Tags: G.I. Joe, Baroness, Cobra Commander, COBRA Viper, Siren
The Secret History of Cobra Commander! Baroness leads newest recruit cobra mysterious siren on a journey through the history of the earliest days of COBRA ... but what is the secret of the sirens?
Classic Popeye #20
33 pages | 52.6 мb.

Tags: Classic Popeye, Olive Oyl, Poopdeck Pappy, Popeye, Swee'Pea, Wimpy
Luck comes your way when you catch the new Classic Popeye comic! Yes, classy old-Skool comics that adults and children can both enjoy. Genius and action Wackness Bud Sagendorf in «The Box», «kitty", "Tunnel" and hilarious comic Wimpy "Duck Dinner". Oh, and a special story, not Popeye "Sammy Errors big jump!
Darby Pop - Free Digital Preview
18 pages | 25.2 мb.

Tags: Darby Pop - Free Digital Preview, Eric Garcia
Run your desire to "try new things" from 2014 PREVIEW BOOK Darby Pop Publishing. Amateurs unwittingly itself super-powered celebrity Jeff Kline serious-comic immutable. Computer engineer becomes one with the same security program he built in Eric Garcia Location: Mind in the car. And in John Raffo on 7th sword, disgraced warrior must protect all
Zero #06
30 pages | 63.1 мb.

Tags: Zero, Edward Zero, Roman Zizek, Sara Cooke
Large Hadron Collider. Newly acquired knowledge Edward Zero. The person with the intent to put an end to the universe as best one can be born. They are all connected here.

Zero #06 (2014)

Publisher: IDW
The Maxx - Maxximized #5
22 pages | 46.2 мb.

Tags: The Maxx - Maxximized, Julie Winters, Maxx
Second edition of the classic series in MAXX Sam Kieth continues with all pages completely re-scan the original art of Sam and new livery, which is under the control of the creator. For longtime fans, this fully remastered version of the classic whimsical Kieth is truly a new look at an old and cherished friend. For those who are just new to the
The Transformers - Regeneration One #100
INVASION! And this invasion Autobots do! Rodimus Prime takes steps leading armada in the heart JHIAXUS 'force-but it plays right into the hands of the villain? In addition, Fortress Maximus returns to the fray, but on which side? Oh, and by Starscream back to haunt him ... big time!
The Transformers - Robots in Disguise #27
STARSCREAM under fire! The all-new, all redesigned, all-leader-of-the-planet STARSCREAM makes his move! Will he stand up for Cybertron or fall under the onslaught Shockwave website? Meanwhile, light-Lost gets a call from a desperate help from an old friend!
Other Dead #6
30 pages | 40.6 мb.

Tags: Other Dead, Azrael, Barack Obama, Tommy, 2014
Zombie infection spreads through animal Louisiana, and Tommy and Azrael struggle for survival, and President Obama has to go hand in hand with un-deadly animals! Join All-Star creators Kevin Eastman (TMNT), Joshua Ortega (Gears of War) and T Mesch Digger (Agent 88) for the third installment of the most discussed new book by zombies!
The Illegitimates #4
23 pages | 45.8 мb.

Tags: Illegitimates, Kiken, Saalinge, Viktor Dannikor
In Illegitimates strike their first mission as a team! Dannikor plan revealed! Mom is in danger! And WHO is a mole in the organization OLYMPUS? Spy-fun in abundance, as it becomes dirty!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Utrom Empire #03
Fugitoid faced with an impossible choice, and the fate of more than one species may rest in his hands! As a deadly storm envelops Burnow Island, Baxter Stockman kicks his scheme is in full swing. Krang is willing to pay a high price for his people?
My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic #17
Literary madness continues Bookworm digs deeper into favorite books pony! As more stories come to life, our only chance to save the day pony have to write their own version of a fairy tale! Their cooperation can get on the same page? Read on!
Samurai Jack #06
24 pages | 32.9 мb.

Tags: Samurai Jack, Scotsman, Brittney Williams
In this issue: The fans demanded it and IDW supplies - return Scot! Humungous mountain bully and stoic samurai stalwart team again! This time they fight against strange mystical curse that-well, that part of the secret, but trust us, this Doozy!

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