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Star Trek - Planet of the Apes - The Primate Directive
STAR TREK: The hope for the best of mankind's future! PLANET OF THE APES: A chilling look at the fall of humanity! How could these worlds possibly collide? What could possibly cause Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to side with Dr. Zaius to protect Ape City? And what does Colonel George Taylor have to say about it?
Planet of the Apes - Cataclysm Vol.2 (TPB)
After the cataclysm that destroyed the Ape city, Dr. Zaius, my family, Cornelius and Marcus entrusted with the difficult and often treacherous responsibility of restoring civilization. But what lies beneath the ruins of terror? Ancient mysteries unfold and Monkey City continues to crumble while searching Zaius' responses winds deeper into the
Aw Yeah Comics! #07
Watch out! Ninja ! New EVIL came to town! Who would hire these guys ? It's nothing ... no spoilers ! Unfortunately , we do not tell ! But we do know CPR and ADVENTURES OF BUG is here to save the day! This time, they can get help from .... ? ? Sshhh ... another secret . ALSO ! Cornelius meets IES -EL, unofficial guide a beautiful downtown Skokie in
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