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All Star #03
25 pages | 24.5 мb.

Tags: All Star, NBM
Umbral #04
34 pages | 56 мb.

Tags: Umbral, Dalone, Rascal
"BLACK AND STILL WATER" Rascal trapped in Shadow, Dalone down and out, and a certain pirate ghost has revenge on his mind! PARANOID Dark Fantasy CONTINUES!
The Revenge #01
32 pages | 73.6 мb.

Tags: The Revenge, Jonathan Ross, Ian Churchill
Griffin Franks was a joke in Gollivude.Vymytye action hero. Over the hill. Nego.Obrazom past, byl.Edva was. But now he is an avenger. He star. His film hit. His last wife is hot. He finally has everything he wants. Just in time for someone to take it all away. Forever. Since his face.
Rat Queens #05
33 pages | 39.5 мb.

Tags: Rat Queens, Betty, Dee, Hannah, Sawyer Silver, Violet
"Gold, Guts and Grog," Part Five Well, Palisade has seen better days. It stinks like orc blood. There are bits troll everywhere. Worst of all, the famous drink ship sank Sorrows, sank to the bottom of the harbor in the attack. This era Palisade will forever be known as the drought.
The Bounce #10
31 pages | 49.3 мb.

Tags: The Bounce, The Darling, Joe Casey
THE TIME HAS COME, Bounce FANS! Jasper Jenkins can not hide anymore! Truth is out there and Darling may be the only one who knows what it all means! This is a question you dare not miss!
Sex #11
32 pages | 51.5 мb.

Tags: Sex, Keenan Wade, Old Man, Prank Addict, Shadow Lynx, Simon Cooke
This question SEX goes even deeper than ever before! Simon Cook is his age. Japanese businessmen get freak on. Annabel reprimand the employee. Then there is the battle cry heard throughout the underworld: "! Breaks Damn right," It's a rub for ages!

Sex #11 (2014)

Publisher: Other
One Hit Wonder #01
34 pages | 58.2 мb.

Tags: One Hit Wonder, Richie Reese, Fabrice Sapolsky
If there was a fine line between reality and fiction, Richie Rees ripped it. Better, he crushed it. Broke it. Destroyed it. From child star to killer in Hollywood, is the story of the glorious bastard. Copyright FABRICE Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir) and drawn by a superstar artist ARIEL OLIVETTI (cable, Punisher War Journal, Conan), a crime comedy
Dead Body Road #03
30 pages | 60.6 мb.

Tags: Dead Body Road, Orson Gage, Justin Jordan
Orson Gage not a good person ... but Mr. Cobb and his unique interrogation tactics worse. Why he stalks Gage? And just how do you remove blood from carpet motel?
Artifacts #35
33 pages | 44.6 мb.

Tags: Artifacts, Glorianna Silver, Michael Finnegan
2012 THIRD TALENT HUNT-winning writer debuts TOP cow! Mercenary Michael Finnegan just can not catch a break. Whether it works or stolen weapons mystical artifacts for hire, all of his clients seem to cross it twice, in the end ... especially when it is given to face-off against Ember Stone bearer Glorianna Silver!
Twelve Reasons To Die #06
33 pages | 56 мb.

Tags: Twelve Reasons To Die, Black Mask Studios
This is the last act in Ghostface Killah's origin story ties Wu-Tang Clan together all the threads of a complex crime epic, from the machinations of 12 DeLucas killing their way through their youth gang war to the mysterious death of each DeLuca in years that follow.
Three #05
41 pages | 73.3 мb.

Tags: Three, Spartans, Kieron Gillen
It boils down to this: three against three hundred on the border of Sparta. Men who like to keep their slaves against the three, who had been free. Historical epic reaches its bloody denouement. End of story, the beginning of a legend.

Three #05 (2014)

Publisher: Other
The Dead #2
30 pages | 29.3 мb.

Tags: The Dead
Super Dinosaur #22
Dino-Men attack! United Tyrannosaurus-X, Maxim creations come together for one purpose: the destruction of the family Dynamo and Super Dinosaur!
Deadly Class #02
41 pages | 42.9 мb.

Tags: Deadly Class, Marcus Lopez, Master Lin, Saya
This is the first day Marcus Kings Dominion High School for Deadly Arts.Shkafchik, full of death threats, graphic, full of cruelty and whisper in the hallway of his mysterious past ... which is fast catching up recently cut his broken heart.
The Walking Dead #122
29 pages | 40.3 мb.

Tags: The Walking Dead, Heath, Negan, Rick Grimes
"ALL OUT WAR," Part Eight Negan have a plan.
Elephantmen #54
34 pages | 85.2 мb.

Tags: Elephantmen, Hip Flask, Jack Farrell
"Pick up the pieces," Part Four There are blood-red hands of Jack Farrell, or have memories buried in his subconscious, which cast their research in a whole new light?
Chew #40
"Family Recipes" Conclusion This is how you kill a vampire ...

Chew #40 (2014)

Publisher: Other
Black Science #04
Grant McKay and his team are given a brief reprieve Dimensionauts when Pillar falls they are not in a hellish war zone or a stranger swamps, but ... hotel? Just do not trust the service, and this is not all to this place than meets the eye.
The Manhattan Projects #18
"Game Theory" Manhattan Projects are in danger as a big game of endless Oppenheimer disclosed.
2000AD 1870
Happy Birthday to 2000 AD! In this environment, we celebrate 37 years of Thrill forces with hardcore cover Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague, showing the dangers of messing with the law! Inside, there is a new Judge Dredd thriller, plus Gray Area, ABC Warriors, Strontium Dog and the new Future Shock! 2000 AD Prog 1870 will be available worldwide and

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