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Supurbia #12
FINAL ISSUE SUPURBIA ends its second volume with the shocking, heartbreaking question. The battle has been brought to the Homefront ... in the literal sense. The war is raging in the area as the Meta Legion tries to keep out of the clutches of Hector Dawn Hunt, and one of the housewives make the ultimate sacrifice ...
Fanboys vs. Zombies #19
'4 Stories of the Apocalypse 'is back with a blast from the past ... and look at something that is not all! After their escape from San Diego, Rob Burger and squatted down in Mexico to lick his wounds. But once they were reunited with the Wrecking Crew, what happened to the good, the Mexicans traindrivin ", which helped save his life? Find out
Bravest Warriors #12
What do you get when you erect four emotional adolescent, adorable animals, and unpredictable environment? No, Dawson's Creek ... brave soldiers, of course! For kids who love funny space adventure and magical creatures like Catbug Internet sensation, and adults who like cunning, including humor. Fall in love with this book! like the internet
The Foundation #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 52 мb.

Tags: The Foundation, Collection, John Rozum, Kody Chamberlain, 2008
History shows that in the 1500s, Nostradamus' three volumes of prophecies were best-sellers, making him a rich man. But what the world does not know that he used his vast pool of resources to create a framework for the prevention of its most devastating prophecy from occurring! This secret team still functions today, using Nostradamus' published
Imagine Agents #01
Ever tried to argue illiterate, 30 foot tall monster of rock from his 5-year-old best friend? Or settle down 400 pounds of muscle human rag doll during her daily nervous breakdown? For Dave and Terry, it's all in a day's work. As the agents themselves, they are responsible for the safety of your imaginary friends in a line ...
Regular Show #04
25 pages | 8.4 мb.

Tags: Regular Show, kaboom, Allison Strejlau, KC Green, 2013
Check out the latest release of this crazy RIDE Golfcart arc! Mordecai and Rigby's quest for soft drinks is finally coming to an end! Will they be able to get into the party? Will refreshments be cool enough for Cool Frog? Author of the famous cartoonist KC Green (Gunshow) and incentive covers pretty enough to hang on your rec room!
Adventure Time #21
25 pages | 33.5 мb.

Tags: Adventure Time, Finn, Jake, Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, 2013
It does not matter how many episodes or issues you get your hands on for the adventure time, there will always be something new and exciting waiting for you at every uglom.Komicheskogo great read for allages and it's not just for fans of the show (but seriously, who is not fan?). This is a great comic about the fans in a fantastic world of
Six-Gun Gorilla #05
26 pages | 41.4 мb.

Tags: Six-Gun Gorilla, Simon Spurrier, Jeff Stokely, 2013
After their harrowing confrontation with the body's army Auchenbran, Six-Gun Gorilla and blue retreat in the desert in the hope of finding people from the blister - strange, abstract entities that may be key to the ultimate quest to return the blue "medallion" ...
Clive Barker's Hellraiser - The Dark Watch #09
In the wars between the Hells heat up the new role of Elliot Spencer in the battle opens, and Tiffany is trying to figure out where it fits into the new world order.
Adventure Time - Candy Capers #04
This issue is no different with a new set of heroes united! Now, if only Peppermint Butler could not understand what happened with Finn and Jake ... before the cinnamon roll is trying to help AGAIN.
Sons of Anarchy #02
With the specter of Brothers hot on her tail, and no one left to turn himself in after the death of his uncle, Kozik, Kendra is the only person left in the world who can help her: Tig Trager. But Teague answers to SAMCRO SAMCRO and may respond to a higher power that wants to ... Kendra Six Feet Under.
3 Guns #03
On the run from powerhungry Russian revolutionaries and crazy, it looks worse than ever for Bobby and Mark. With cunning and deceitful Joey Dodge is on their side, this may be one of their chances of survival, or the last mistake they ever make.

3 Guns #03 (2013)

Publisher: Boom
Deathmatch #10
Only four combatants remain in Deathmatch arena, to the end of your friends (and enemies) killed with his own hands. Will the heroes be able to come together and discover secrets to prison, before one of them is "won"?
Aliens vs. Parker #04
After a vicious alien onslaught that decimated (read: ATE) badass Marines protecting them, rag-tag SPACE-EX crew must find a way to survive! But even more terrifying threat than the foreigners who crave their blood may be lurking in their midst, and even worse, touching their stuff ...
Herobear and the Kid - Inheritance #03
We are finally seeing Herobear and Tyler do, how they became great friends and at the same time trying to learn more about Tyler's grandfather and the mystery that surrounds Herobear. It is a pity that Tyler has to deal with a giant, clockwork robot at the same time, but that is a story without a trial?
Suicide Risk #06
25 pages | 34.9 мb.

Tags: Suicide Risk, Carey, Mike, Casagrande, Elena, Edwards, Tommy Lee, 2013
Trapped in the grip of a nightmare Crew, Leo Winters must find a way to protect his family ... and his sanity. But Leo soon discovers how far he would go for that, and another can scare even the super villains that his trap ...
Hit #02
26 pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: Hit, Bryce Carlson, Vanesa R. Del Rey, CRIMINAL, PARKER, TUMOR, 2013
Harvey Slater fifteen pounds Baja refrigerator hidden in the trunk of his car. He has sex with the daughter of his commanding officer. There's a dead cop lying in his living room. And his problems are just beginning ... Hit Squad comes under fire for their sloppy job on the hit Infantino, and the tragedy is the closest to Slater who took off, one

Hit #02 (2013)

Publisher: Boom
Garfield #18
30 pages | 10.4 мb.

Tags: Garfield, Kaboom, Jim Davis, 2013
We saw a Garfield face with some terrible enemies in this series: all creatures made ????from snow to lasagna. Garfield come out on top so far, but he's got what it takes to win ... Tigor?
Robocop - Last Stand #3
25 pages | 53.7 мb.

Tags: Robocop - Last Stand, Robocop, Last Stand
OCP, finally found the one true ROBOCOP WEAKNESS ... his humanity. With a secret weapon up his sleeve, the old man thinks he's finally set in motion a perfect trap for Robocop. Robocop will be needed to protect the people of Detroit finally lead to his downfall?
Fanboys vs. Zombies #18
22 pages | 40.5 мb.

Tags: Fanboys vs. Zombies, Fanboys, Zombies
As '4 Stories Apocalypse ', we will return to the CreepyCon, where hidden sadistic Gunter for their lives in an abandoned comic book store. Will Kurt Kiel SURVIVAL OF THE DAMNED provide Gunter desperately seeking escape or a temporary respite from the inevitable?
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