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Adventure Time Vol.1
This adventure TIME! Join Finn the human, dog, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum for all-new adventures on land OOo. The top-rated Cartoon Network show now has its own comic book! Do not miss the first collected volume of the critically acclaimed "all ages classic 'that has fans and critics calling it" the best new comics in 2012! "
Suicide Risk #11
25 pages | 35.8 мb.

Tags: Suicide Risk Leo Winters Suni Winters
Just saw her husband in the grip of a nightmare scenario supervillain team, all S. Winters wants her husband, Lee, to come home intact. Unfortunately, she just might get her wish. In addition, it is really Lion?
Adventure Time - Seeing Red
WHY WE LOVE IT : Marceline is one that raddest characters in Open and her relationship with her father , Hunson, was always interesting . We are pleased to see these two together! Why you 'll love it : Kate years (! Keith OR DIE) OGN write about Marceline and Jake travel to Nightosphere with Zach Sterling ( ADVENTURE TIME в„ў), as illustrated in
Adventure Time - The Flip Side #03
Finn and Jake find out the truth behind why Monkey Wizard not kidnap princesses anymore. Marceline With help, it should be easy for our heroes to finally get kidnapped Princess Painting ... is not it?
Garfield #23
27 pages | 35.8 мb.

Tags: Garfield Arlene Jon Arbuckle Liz Wilson Nermal
Have you ever wondered what happens when Nermal gets shipped worldwide, Garfield? This month we learn, thanks to guest artist Sibylline Meynet!
Day Men #3
25 pages | 47,8 мb.

Tags: Day Men Day Men comics Day Men

Day Men #3 (2014)

Publisher: Boom
Robocop - Beta
24 pages | 43.7 мb.

Tags: Robocop - Beta Robocop Beta Robocop comics
After the death of one of the best police doctors experimenters create from it invulnerable cyborg Robocop, who single-handedly fighting with a gang of criminals. However, strong armor does not save Robocop from excruciating, fragmentary memories of the past, he always sees nightmares in which dies at the hands of violent criminals. Now he is
Regular Show #10
27 pages | 41.4 мb.

Tags: Regular Show Mordecai Rigby Skips
REGULAR SHOW always brings something new and crazy every issue. It's always great when choosing a book, because no matter how good you think you are, there is always completely strange twist there to take you by surprise! Mordecai and Rigby are up to something again, and it's only a matter of time when the situation gets out of control.
Peanuts #16
Irritability Lucy finally put to the test! When it comes to winning this year's Miss Crabby Pageant, Lucy struggles. But with competition as Molley volleyball Crybaby Boobie, can Lucy from annoying your way to shiny trophy winner? Enjoy "Miss Crabby Pageant" and many others Peanuts adventure in this latest edition, full of heart and fun galore!
Deceivers #3
WHY WE LOVE IT : Everyone loves a good story of an outsider , and we will not be an exception. Make that twice in the classic Robin Hoodstyle ' steal from the rich , give to the poor "filaments , and when you couple that with Steven Grant ( 2 guns ) crackling dialogue and beautiful artwork from ? We could not resist ! Why you 'll love it :
Loki - Ragnarok and Roll #01
WHY WE LOVE IT : up -and-coming writer Eric Esquivel first caught our attention with Thor : Thunder neubivaemy Christ , and hit us with their work on freelancers . When he told us that he wants to bring these feelings to the trickster god Loki, we had to say : "Yes!" Pairing it with Fanboys VS Zombies artist Jerry Gaylord sealed the deal . Why you
Midas Flesh #03
27 pages | 32.2 мb.

Tags: Midas Flesh Ryan North Shelli Paroline
Dinosaurs, spaceships, and adventure-oh! Since Federation hot on their tails, how long can our favorite crew hold the greatest power on the source of all time: Midas Touch?
Curse #02
24 pages | 39.3 мb.

Tags: Curse Laney Griffith Michael Moreci
WHY WE LOVE IT : BOOM! The studio has a long history of publishing some of the best modern horror in the industry, and curse us back to our roots with a werewolf story unlike any you've ever seen . WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT : The Curse of the creative team practically screams " horror" from writers Michael Moreci (Hoax HUNTERS ) and Tim Daniel

Curse #02 (2014)

Publisher: Boom
Adventure Time #25
34 pages | 50.3 мb.

Tags: Adventure Time Finn Jake Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum looks at the consequences of her science experiment gone wrong, she finally finds a way to save the day! But it's too late? Find out if Princess Bubblegum is capable of true all their grievances, or if her friends will never be himself again, this is a crazy conclusion of this arc!
Robocop - Memento Mori #1
Today in downtown Los Andzhelessa in an unequal battle with criminals mortal wound gets policeman. But as the program "Robocop" reopens dying cop gets a chance to be reborn as a cyborg ...
Regular Show - Skips #4
27 pages | 11.9 мb.

Tags: Regular Show - Skips Skips Mad Rupert 2014
Why We Love IT: Nobody is more puzzling in the crazy world of regular show than a space, mysterious yeti park gardener, who always seems to know what is happening. Finally, we get to see the world from his point of view. Why you'll love it because you know that the next show is not an ordinary ... and newcomer Mad Rupert crafted comic, which is
Robocop - To Live and Die In Detroit #1
Through the development of America has successfully served in wars around the world. But now it's time to apply the technology on American soil. Alex Murphy - a loving husband, father and a great police officer, holding the order in Detroit, received fatal injuries in the service. OmniKorpa specialists using the latest developments, keep him
Sons of Anarchy #6
With plans to transfer Kendra to safety at the place, TIG, Jax and the rest of SAMCRO prepare to cross dangerous driving. But Griggs and Ghost Brothers are hot on their trail, and even worse, some of SAMCRO begins to question risking everything just to help ex-daughter long deceased member ...
Protocol - Orphans #4
It should be noted that the comic book almost no one expected. However , after it turned out that the series looks pretty interesting and promising. The first issue of a comic book called "Protocol Orphans" is now available in stores and official resources Boom! Studios. Author made ​​Michael Nelson , best known for a series of Supergirl, and
Suicide Risk #10
25 pages | 18.1 мb.

Tags: Suicide Risk Hailey Jed Leo Winters
Leo Winters was not the first hero that power Dealers Jed and Haley appeared, but soon it may be their last after a mysterious organization aims to pair for destruction. In this one-shot, Mike Carey reveals the origins of the accident, theft-inclinced couples with art guest artist Jorge Coelho (polarity).
Revelations #02
News broke in the press! Mysterious death in the Vatican! Detective Charlie North has always been a fan of conspiracy theories, but he believes that the intricate twists and turns of his investigation can be pin-pointed to one man: Cardinal Gianfranco Tsocianni. The closer the North flagged disclosure secrests Catholic Church, the more doors
Garfield #22
30 pages | 11.2 мb.

Tags: Garfield Arlene Jon Arbuckle Liz Wilson Nermal
Have you ever wondered what happens when Nermal gets shipped worldwide, Garfield? This month we learn, thanks to guest artist Sibylline Meynet!
Adventure Time - The Flip Side #02
All Finn and Jake have to do is convince Master Monkey Painting kidnap the princess should not be too hard ... is not it? With insight from the master princess-napping, it's up to the duo to get help from an unlikely source ... Ice King! This could end up being one of the toughest and most crazy adventures these two friends have ever been on!

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