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Top-Notch Laugh Comics #28-44 Complete
17 issues pages | 331.3 мb.

Tags: Top-Notch Laugh Comics, Black Hood
Numbering continues from the first-class Comics # 27; Laughter becomes a comic book with number 44. Master Man with a super brain , Roy Super Boy and black hood proving not to be winners MLJ hope superhero in the department , with the 28th issue , they changed the name of the first-class to first-class Laugh Comics comic books, changing the
Top Notch Comics #01-27 Complete
To be continued in Top-Notch Laugh series from issue #28
Archie #652
In Archies continue a world tour in sunny downunda - Australia! Each enjoying the sand and surf, while Archie and Valerie not get stranded in the sea! Will they find their way to the ground in time for the big Fashion Expo headlined by none other than supermodel Kathy Keene, and featuring Betty, Veronica and Amisha as a supermodel? Bingo Wilkin
The Comet (1-2 series)
2 issues pages | 31.8 мb.

Tags: The Comet, The Comet comics, Comet
Short lived 80's revival of classic 40s and 50s character The Comet. Ran for 3 issues, published by Archie/Red Circle from October to December 1983
Shield - Wizard (1-13 series) Complete
13 issues pages | 348.4 мb.

Tags: Shield Wizard, Shield Wizard comics, Shield, Wizard
When Archie decided to change the formats of their anthology books to humour and give more attention to the most popular heroes from them, they created the new anthology book Shield-Wizard comics, featuring full length tales of The Shield, previously the star of Pep comics, and The Wizard, The previous star of Top-Notch Comics, together in one
Hangman Comics (2-8 series +  Special Comics) Complete
8 issues pages | 176.8 мb.

Tags: Special Comics, Hangman Comics, Hangman
Published by Archie/MLJ this series started as Special Comics, but title was changed to Hangman comics with issue #2. Hangman comics ran from issue #2-#8 running for 7 issues from Spring 1942 to Fall 1943 before the series was again retitled to Black Hood Comics and the character who had previously been the star of the back-up stories became the
Black Hood Comics (9-19 series) Complete
11 issues pages | 220.1 мb.

Tags: Black Hood Comics, Black Hood
The full name of the series was Black Hood Comics, published from Winter 1943 to Summer 1946 by MLJ/Archie comics (clued MLJ Magazines at the time) The series actually replaced Hangman comics, but kept the numbering system, Hangman Comics lasted 8 issues and then with issue #9 the title changed to Black Hood Comics, so the first issue is actually
Adventures of The Fly (1-30 series) Complete
One of Archie's classic Superhero series. Adventures of the Fly started in 1961 and lasted 30 issues. With issue 31 Archie changed the name of their superhero line to "Mighty Comics" and retitled this series "Fly-Man".
Zip Comics (1-47 series) Complete
47 issues pages | 989.1 мb.

Tags: Zip Comics, Steel Sterling, Zip
Published by MLJ/Archie comics. One of Archie's many anthology comics of the period. This one lasted 47 issues from June 1940- June 1944. The series featured a mix of detective, superhero, war, fantasy and more. Noted first appearances of superheroes like The Web and Steel Sterling.
Sonic Universe #60
29 pages | 13.4 мb.

Tags: Sonic Universe, Ian Flynn
Shadow and Dark vs. Player from invading alien army! "Autumn Shade" Part Two: The mission to save humanity is falling to pieces! With Rouge, Omega and G.U.N. are on the run from murderous aliens and Shadow fighting for his life - and his free will - against the malicious Black Death and Eclipse, the world little time! Loyalty tested aliens blew
Archie #651
"Archies World Tour", the first part of "Bollywood Love!" Celebrate the 650th issue of Archie with this stellar four-part series, featuring all your favorite person with Archie universe! Raj Patel movies on event of the year - The Archies on a world tour! Joining the tour Josie and cats, then Bingoes, and Madhouse Glads! But Archie emitted per
Mega Man #33
30 pages | 14 мb.

Tags: Mega Man, Auto, Cut Man, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Mega Man, Roll
Critics Mega Man series continues with a dramatic , futuristic epilogue «Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon ' storyline in « Unplugged »! Fighting sinister alien being known as Ra Moon ended, and the final fate of Mega Man remains in doubt ! With the overhaul is inevitable , and the future of Rock as a super fighting robot in question, Dr. Light must

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