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Sidekick #08
37 pages | 60.7 мb.

Tags: Sidekick Flyboy Melody Red Cowl
After years of doubt and guilt, Barry Chase finally have a mission: to kill red hood in revenge for the betrayal of life. But first he must find a hood, and that will not be easy. So when he turns into a melody assistant hood that is how he suspects may have been in all of this, how far he will go to get her to tell what she knows ... and what
Sidekick #04
31 pages | 49.1 мb.

Tags: Sidekick Flyboy Melody J. Michael Straczynski
Barry Chase, known Flyboy, returns shame Sol City after a failed attempt to start a new career elsewhere under another name. He considers himself a man without a home, ridiculed in the press and abandoned by those he thought were his friends. One ... until the notorious female villain moonlight does not do him an offer he could find too good to
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