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Gold Digger #223
24 pages | 25.8 мb.

Tags: Gold Digger, Cheetah, Gina Diggers
On the way to explore the heart of a giant, half-life, cell structure, known as the Dwarves Labyrinth, Gina and Britanny distracted when the Briton "thinks she sees a giant tuna. It turns out the fish is ready to bite - their heads that this!
Steampunk Tales #03
27 pages | 38.1 мb.

Tags: Steampunk Tales, GunSaint, Brian Denham
Another collection of stories mixing boiler cover folly! The greatest researchers, men and women who take on the most difficult (or at least most exciting) challenges their Steam Age adventure to offer! Also in this issue: the introduction GunSaint David Hutchison!
Steampunk Tales #01-02
2 issues pages | 84.4 мb.

Tags: Steampunk Tales, Steampunk
Intriguing tales spun by steam! Thanks to intrepid adventurers and steam gadgets and gizmos. Calling women and muscular men and their aircraft to save the world with the power of steam and a bit of style!
8-Bit Zombie - The Full Byte
Collects 8-Bit Zombie # 1, 16-Bit Zombie # 1, 32-Bit Zombie # 1 and 64-bit zombie: When Digi-villain ZILLA assess its own video games as a hero after jumping game of adventure, his fellow zombies decides to do the same. Unfortunately, the trip left him hungry, and the characters of other games can not get rid of the zombie virus, once they bite!
Gold Digger X-Mas Special #08
37 pages | 73.1 мb.

Tags: Gold Digger X-Mas Special, Fred Perry
If you get them to spread the yuletide joy or just grab some goodies and his Grinch-cast Gold Digger here to bring a smile to your face for the ho-ho-holidays!
Gold Digger #216
28 pages | 36.9 мb.

Tags: Gold Digger, Ace, Darkbird
Gold Digger #215
36 pages | 40.2 мb.

Tags: Gold Digger, Ace, Darkbird
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