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Steam Wars - Princess Legends #1
Long ago in ANOTHER galaxy farther away... Rod Espinosa, the creator of Courageous Princess, strikes back, bringing a new hope with a tale of stalwart steampunk sovereign! The empire has sent its best assassins to kill the last of the warriors of light. But they are in for a rude surprise when they take on one light warrior too many!
Steam Wars - Gearjammer One-Shot #1
Blasting off the pages of Steam Wars: First Empire comes the pulse-pounding adventures of top pilot Zora Gearjammer! Downed by an enemy ace, Zora survives to find the legendary Star Ember, which can power any known device. Now she must race against time with it to prevent her emperor's execution and unite an Empire on the verge of civil war. The
Steam Wars - Bounty Hunters #2
Driven by greed, on the edge of the law, their business is blood. They are the killers, the assassins, the merciless trackers of the underworld, and if you're their enemy, you're probably dead. Remember, a bounty hunter only follows the Rule of Gold.
Larry Blamire's Steam Wars #3
The year is 1897, except for one thing: warfare is fought in large steam-powered fighting machines called "steam rigs", manned by crews, designed to look like ancient armored warriors. It's a classic underdog tale; three "regular guy" steam crewmen, Tunney, Duff and Cribbs, reckless, brazen-lacking common sense, but not courage-manage to come
Steam Wars #05
Rebeillion finish is at hand, as Lord Baron and his armada surround last of the free terrritory forces with his ultimate weapon, "Death Blimp" ... but there is hope! In fake ammunition supply airship captain Hansel Lowe, Dutchess Imoen and general Tefft steal aboard Death Blimp, to save their captured friend Beauregard Baron, son of the lord
Steam Wars (1-4 series)
4 issues pages | 409.1 мb.

Tags: Steam Wars Steam Wars comics Antarctic Press
Rebel Alliance fighting against the Emperor and his Black Guard, but the forces are unequal. At this time, the steam escaping from imperatoskih military vehicles, Duchess Imoen finds in the house last Dragoon legendary warriors and ancient knowledge ...
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