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Hulk Vol.1-5 Complete

Hulk Vol.1-5 Complete

BRUCE BANNER IS NOT THE HULK. Red Hulk’s rampage rolls on through the Marvel Universe, and NO ONE, not even the Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, the Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange, Doc Samson, Norman Osborn, or She-Hulk can stop him! See why Comic Book Resources says the team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness works “in the tradition of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. This series just keeps getting better.” Collecting HULK #10-13 and INCREDIBLE HULK #600.

Hulk vol. 01 - Red Hulk (2009)
Hulk Vol. 02 - Red _ Green (2009)
Hulk Vol. 03 - Hulk No More (2010)
Hulk Vol. 04 - Hulk vs. X-Force (2010)
Hulk Vol. 05 - Fall of the Hulks

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