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1872 #04
23 pages | 48.7 мb.

Tags: 1872 Hulk Red Wolf Wonder Man
IT'S HIGH NOON IN TIMELY! Will justice stand tall, or die in the street? Timid Dr. Banner comes out of his shell. Red Wolf's fate is finally revealed...

1872 #04 (2015)

Publisher: Marvel
Korvac Saga #04
The kingdom of God Michael Korvac of The Forest Hills, but it is overwhelmed by a dark plague of madness, and the crisis threatens to draw the wrath of the God of Fate itself. Rival Korvac, the Wonder Man Simon Williams, decided to oppose the governor, deploying his Avengers in an attempt to seize power and rid the kingdom as a Korvac and his own
Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #04
UNHOLY ALLIANCE! The enemy of my enemy is my friend... But whoever wins, we lose... Unless HANK PYM can deliver us from evil!
Korvac Saga #02
SERIES Secret Wars Lord Michael Korvac handle crucial peace summit with his rival, Wonder Man, Simon Williams, a faithful guardian of the struggle Korvac, to find the source of insanity plaguing the kingdom. However, closer to home than anyone could have realized the revelation will shake the foundations of his kingdom.
Civil War #01
The Civil War never ended. Welcome to Warzone, where six years of non-stop battle between the forces of iron blue and split down the center of the nation, completely transforming it. In a world of strange new alliances and enemies, President Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, General meet to make a final attempt in the world.
Avengers Annual #01
Simon Williams believes Avengers times up. After he won the Earth's Mightiest, Avengers will take their place!
Avengers Strikefile
This story followed the Kree/Shi'ar War with a group of Kree surviviors plotted their revenge on the Avengers for their part in the war.
Solo Avengers #01-20 Complete
The debut of the series, you demanded! Now you can read the adventures of Hawkeye solo each month, as well as catch up on his solo exploits Avenging buddies! First: Hawkeye joins the circus, only to encounter a villain from his distant past! And what makes a Mockingbird while her husband at the circus? Why is it fights itself as a scoundrel!
Avengers Spotlight #21-40 Complete
To stop the violent motorcycle gang, Hawkeye and the Orb to begin the reign of terror of the ordinary! Starfox vows to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress and finds himself embarking on one of the wildest adventures in his life.
Avengers Assemble #20
Infinity tie-in ... Possessing an uncanny AVENGERS! A giant naked man breaks Quinjet! Eight-year-old girl is fighting a centaur in the heart of the atom! Interestingly, the search for a man of peace! And that's just the things that we can tell you about!
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