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Korvac Saga #04
The kingdom of God Michael Korvac of The Forest Hills, but it is overwhelmed by a dark plague of madness, and the crisis threatens to draw the wrath of the God of Fate itself. Rival Korvac, the Wonder Man Simon Williams, decided to oppose the governor, deploying his Avengers in an attempt to seize power and rid the kingdom as a Korvac and his own
Korvac Saga #03
Dark and potentially catastrophic madness pursues domain Forest Hills, and caused unimaginable tragedy. Lord Michael Korvac, governor of the province, commanded his faithful guardian, to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible, as a major peace summit with his rival's Korvac, Wonder Man Simon Williams, is in danger. Even powerful Starhawk
Korvac Saga #02
SERIES Secret Wars Lord Michael Korvac handle crucial peace summit with his rival, Wonder Man, Simon Williams, a faithful guardian of the struggle Korvac, to find the source of insanity plaguing the kingdom. However, closer to home than anyone could have realized the revelation will shake the foundations of his kingdom.
Korvac Saga #01
Lord Michael Korvac manages Forest Hills, but his domain is threatened competing Lords chaotic threats because of the wall, and, worst of all, dark madness that spreads among the population. Under the noble Major Victory faithful keepers Korvac must find the source of evil, before it corrupts the world they know.
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