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Alice Cooper Vs Chaos #04
The Chosen are on the run from a monster tree, Evil Ernie and Purgatori are guinea pigs for a pharmaceutical company, and Alice Cooper is trapped in a horrific asylum by a familiar enemy! How does the old saying go? “It's always darkest before the dusk”?
Alice Cooper Vs. CHAOS! #02
Chaos reigns as a plague of nightmares descends on the Alice Cooper concert in Milwaukee! But with Alice's supernatural powers on the fritz, he'll have to turn to the monsters for help! Meanwhile, Purgatori and Evil Ernie form an unholy alliance in search of
Chaos #05
37 pages | 76.6 мb.

Tags: Chaos Purgatori Rip Smiley Vex Voodoo Childe
The secret origin is revealed as Purgatori selected children make their way to Clearview Psychiatric hospital to confront Dr. Price, chastity and Evil Ernie, before they can unleash a wave of mutilation! There's still time to pick up one of the worst comics out there!
Chaos #02
Hunting for a selected children to raise the dead in search of Evil Ernie. Chastity rebels against Purgatori, which leads to the vampire catfight to end all Catfights vampires.
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