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A Day in the Life of Death - Death is a Sound Vol.1
Experience The War in the near future thru the minds of two soldiers, Runner and Rip, as they stumble through an existential combat experience. These two characters get caught in a struggle against overwhelming odds to survive A Day In the Life of Death. Join creator Desmond Serratore on this both frightful tragedy and absurd comedy of The War - a
Chaos #05
37 pages | 76.6 мb.

Tags: Chaos Purgatori Rip Smiley Vex Voodoo Childe
The secret origin is revealed as Purgatori selected children make their way to Clearview Psychiatric hospital to confront Dr. Price, chastity and Evil Ernie, before they can unleash a wave of mutilation! There's still time to pick up one of the worst comics out there!
Chaos #02
Hunting for a selected children to raise the dead in search of Evil Ernie. Chastity rebels against Purgatori, which leads to the vampire catfight to end all Catfights vampires.
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