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Alice Cooper Vol.1 - Welcome to My Nightmare
Rock n' roll legend Alice Cooper has never been a stranger to the mystic and the macabre. His stage shows were the stuff of legend, featuring snakes and pyrotechnics, the invocation of dark themes and darker forces. But while he was a legend in the waking world, few knew his service as "The Lord of Nightmares" beyond it, where he watched over us
Alice Cooper Vs. CHAOS! #02
Chaos reigns as a plague of nightmares descends on the Alice Cooper concert in Milwaukee! But with Alice's supernatural powers on the fritz, he'll have to turn to the monsters for help! Meanwhile, Purgatori and Evil Ernie form an unholy alliance in search of
Alice Cooper Vs Chaos #01
This is the ultimate heavy metal crossover as the original shock rocker meets the original death metal comics universe! Bizarre nightmares plaguing Evil Ernie, chastity and Purgatori, and even hatred for each other in the intestines, they may have to start in the teenage monster team called Favorites Find one and only Alice Cooper!
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