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Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain Vol.1
Your favorite slasher hunter is back! When a mysterious cult monsters, Cassie is forced to return to the life she thought she left behind. Combined with a new partner and collided with the enemy unlike any she struggled to, Cassie must confront the darkness in the world and in their lives anew. Agents evil never rest; Unfortunately for them, nor
Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain #04
The film takes a deadly turn as Cassie, October, and Delroy face off against hordes of monsters led by God to fight with the legendary beast.
Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain #03
Cassie relies upon an old friend to uncover the mystery of October. Meanwhile, the beast with God on his side, Morinto Plucking army of monsters to fight a war against humanity.
Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain #02
After escaping the cave Morinto in Cassie and Delroy take into the wilderness to track the mysterious boy monsters kept in captivity. Their search leads them to a scalper in the angular groups that do not like visitors. Meanwhile, Morinto opposed to the mythical God Beast.
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