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The Flash - Season Zero #24
"Monsters and crises," Part 2 of 2. Caitlin adventure takes a strange turn when her former coach ends up being even more crazy than she remembered! Do not miss the electrifying finale Flash: Season Zero!
The Flash - Season Zero #23
"Monsters and crises" Part 1 2. Flash batles army of mutated spiders into drains Central City, Caitlin Snow received an ominous message from an old mentor ...
The Flash - Season Zero #22
Witness the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Captain cold and heat, as "fire and ice", concludes here!
The Flash - Season Zero #21
Leonard Snart as before he acquired his cold gun and became one of the most dangerous enemies in the flash? Origin captain revealed cold!
The Flash - Season Zero #20
While Barry and Joe are trying to enjoy a well-deserved rest and relaxation, fast flash services needed throughout the city!
The Flash - Season Zero #19
When an astronaut, and now becomes obsessed metahuman Caitlin Snow, flash should protect it (and the rest of Central City), this intricate monster wielding a powerful cosmic energy!
The Flash - Season Zero #16
Using the information he received from arrows, flash bursts into ARGUS to save the king shark from suicide squad!
The Flash - Season Zero #15
Joe West finds himself in the crosshairs ... in Suicide Squad! But what connection does not have a composition with the appearance of the king shark?
The Flash - Season Zero #14
How to flash recovered from his wounds, the Suicide Squad is manifested in Central City - and King Shark is their next target!
The Flash - Season Zero #12
24 pages | 12.8 мb.

Tags: The Flash - Season Zero Barry Allen Joe West
Barry, Joe and S.T.A.R. Labs gang go shark fishing! Additionally, this particular shark may or may not be metahuman. What could possibly go wrong ??
The Flash - Season Zero #11
24 pages | 12.8 мb.

Tags: The Flash - Season Zero Barry Allen Joe West
A new story arc begins here! When the original murders begin to occur in Central City, Barry and Joe dial STAR Labs team to help in the investigation ... and they are can not be true!
The Flash - Season Zero #10
Smoak Signals concludes! Can Barry save Felicity (and himself) from the mysterious Sky Lords?
The Flash - Season Zero #08
With thousands of innocent lives hanging in the balance, flash squares off against Mr. Bliss and his gang of circus freaks in one final battle!
The Flash - Season Zero #07
As the S.T.A.R. Labs gang frantically tries to revive Barry, Mr. Bliss' dastardly plan is revealed!
The Flash - Season Zero #06
Mr. Barry Bliss shows the true meaning of fear! Can fastest man alive overtake their inner demons?
The Flash - Season Zero #04
After Barry Allen and S.T.A.R. Labs crew discover the identity of the athlete, The Flash is sent on the outskirts of the city to confront the deadly Mr. Bliss and his gang of circus freaks!
The Flash - Season Zero #03
Breakthrough in Central City Zoo puts dozens of people at risk - including Iris West! Barry can act fast enough to save the woman he loves without revealing his secret identity?
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