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Justice League of America #16
“PANIC IN THE MICROVERSE” part five! Ray Palmer, the original Atom, has crossed galaxies in search of the Ignition Point, the source of the microverse’s pain. But can Ray Palmer trust his team with the Ignition Point’s true nature while he’s so far from everything he knows and smaller than any human has ever been? Palmer’s only hope is
DC Comics - Bombshells #55
The Batgirls are back! A mysteriously cloaked shadow calling himself "The Reaper" is upset at the events that occurred last time with Harvey Dent, and is determined to nip the problem at its roots-Dr. Strange, Killer Frost, and the Penguin. Now the Batgirls must use their collective detective skills to warn those villains before the Reaper gets to
The Flash - Season Zero #24
"Monsters and crises," Part 2 of 2. Caitlin adventure takes a strange turn when her former coach ends up being even more crazy than she remembered! Do not miss the electrifying finale Flash: Season Zero!
The Flash - Season Zero #23
"Monsters and crises" Part 1 2. Flash batles army of mutated spiders into drains Central City, Caitlin Snow received an ominous message from an old mentor ...
The Flash - Season Zero #19
When an astronaut, and now becomes obsessed metahuman Caitlin Snow, flash should protect it (and the rest of Central City), this intricate monster wielding a powerful cosmic energy!
The Flash - Season Zero #16
Using the information he received from arrows, flash bursts into ARGUS to save the king shark from suicide squad!
The Flash - Season Zero #06
Mr. Barry Bliss shows the true meaning of fear! Can fastest man alive overtake their inner demons?
The Flash - Season Zero #03
Breakthrough in Central City Zoo puts dozens of people at risk - including Iris West! Barry can act fast enough to save the woman he loves without revealing his secret identity?
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