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Salvation Run #01-07 Complete
Salvation Run is a seven-part 2007-2008 DC Comics mini-series which will tie in to the DC's major event series Final Crisis in 2008. The premise of the miniseries is that the majority of the DC Universe's supervillains both major ones and newer or more obscure ones have been captured by the Suicide Squad and imprisoned on a distant planet. The
Final Crisis - Superman Beyond 3D #1-2 Complete
To save the woman he loves, the greatest hero of all time becomes the pawn of ultra-dimensional forces when a wounded emissary from a world of doomed super gods comes to Earth on the eve of the Final Crisis. His mission: recruit Superman's help against an epic, reality-spanning menace that originated in the Crisis on Infinite Earths! The issue
Forever Evil
Justice League is dead! And villains inherit the Earth! In this new hardcover collection of seven issues of the series, the crime syndicate assumes no DC Universe, and no one can stand in the way of them and complete domination - not one for Lex Luthor but!

Forever Evil (2014)

Publisher: DC
The Flash - Season Zero #22
Witness the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Captain cold and heat, as "fire and ice", concludes here!
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