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Uncanny X-Men - Iron Man - Nova - No End In Sight
Three of Marvel's best books collide as UNCANNY X-MEN, IRON MAN and NOVA cross over! But what force could bring the Children of the Atom, the Armored Avenger and the Human Rocket together? When Cyclops is kidnapped, Iron Man returns to space to settle a score - but ends up embroiled with the fugitive Uncanny X-Men! And when their paths cross with
Uncanny X-Men Vol.4 - Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.
After relentless pursuit and a near-fatal attack Sentinel uncanny X-Men and their mutant revolution in advance! Their goal? International Organisation SHIELD spy! But as members of the team Cyclops fights to save their species, they only dig yourself in deeper and dangerous hole? Who is the mysterious figure of the construction of the Guardians
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