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Contest of Champions #10
IRON PATRIOT SUPREME! Maestro's team of dark Avengers were powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the renegade Champions, but are they too powerful even for him?
Civil War - The Road To Civil War
The clouds are quickly building on the horizon for a storm that will split the Marvel Universe down the middle, and the line is drawn here! You will be asked: Whose side are you on? Well, whose side are you on? Ripped from the pages of NEW AVENGERS comes the explosive hidden story of Marvel Universe's secret past, the secret history of Marvel's
Civil War Prelude - New Warriors (TPB)
It's the return of the New Warriors, drawn by superstar artist Skottie Young (ROCKET RACCOON)! When Night Thrasher strikes a mysterious deal with a reality-TV producer, the New Warriors move out of New York - and into a very cramped van - to travel across America, and help small-town residents deal with the roving villains and superhuman threats
Ant-Man Season One
Legendary writer Tom DeFalco (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and acclaimed artist Horacio Domingues (FANTASTIC FOUR: TRUE STORY) bring you the origins of the original Avenger, Ant-Man! Hank Pym has had a life full of adventure and success, failure and humiliation. Known by a variety of names — including Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket —
Avengers Academy - Fear Itself
Surviving their first taste of war, the students of Avengers Academy find themselves trapped in the Infinite Mansion with murderous demigods. Now, the heroes-in-training must do the unthinkable - or die! Is this where they choose evil? Plus: The trainees get a crash course in big-time villainy as they take on Spider-Man's greatest foes, the
Moon Knight Vol.4 - The Death of Marc Spector
Collects issues #20-25 It's Moon Knight versus the Thunderbolts in this 5 part story arc. After Moon Knight kills Black Spectre on national tv, the Commission on Superhuman Activities turns to Norman Osborne and the Thunderbolts to bring him in.
Spider-Man - Friends & Enemies #01-04 Complete
Twilight, Madison Square Park. Seven alien crystals emit radiance ... seven crystals, the power to change the lives of everyone who comes into contact with them. In fact. Cool! On the following morning. Spidey swings over. The park is full of rumors about a free concert. Conman out of the building across the street, as some fraud unsuspecting
New Warriors #05
24 pages | 36.9 мb.

Tags: New Warriors Justice Kaine Speedball Water Snake
With half of the team trapped in the depths of the mysterious and very probably haunted Wundagore GRIEF, the rest are all new New Warriors deal with the bar scene in Prague! Look inside the mind of a happy go lucky SpeedBall, the most hated man in America. Dog and cat playing chess, the result of which could destroy New York.
New Warriors #04
THE KIDS ARE ALL FIGHT (part 4 of 4) End here as Evolutionary War II begins! New Warriors face off against the High Evolutionary. Can they stop the genocide of the world? Should they? How many lives will you sacrifice to save all mankind? The solution comes to the universe Marvel.
Amazing Spider-Man #01
The greatest super hero of all time is back! The world may change after Man no more, but so is Peter Parker. This is a man with a second chance in life and he is not wasting a minute of it. Same Parker Luck, the new Parker attitude. "! Spiderman" Enter "friendly" back in the area, "hero" back in "super hero" and "amazing" back in addition, return:
Nova #09
INFINITY tie! Events INFINITY is Alexander himself in over his head, but he's going to get back to some nice Entertaining Who Wallflowers - Okay, it's exhausting. They have a couple of guys from the New Warriors. Nova will help them put their team back together?

Nova #09 (2013)

Publisher: Marvel
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